Nobody Likes Senate Bill 444

Senate Bill 444 cuts the guts out of the Nevada Anti-SLAPP law. Don’t just take my word for it:

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is against Senate Bill 444.

The Sparks Tribune is against it.

TechDirt has an opinion, guess what it is.

PopeHat has an opinion too.

The Elko Daily? Nope, no support for Senate Bill 444 there either.

This bill has to die.

2 Responses to Nobody Likes Senate Bill 444

  1. […] SLEAZY NEVADA LEGISLATORS WANT TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FILE BOGUS LIBEL SUITS AGAINST CRITICS: If you live in Nevada, call your legislator and ask them to vote against SB 444. […]

  2. […] of SB 444. “Know what the bill does and what the bill does not do.” That’s why so many newspapers & journalists throughout this state are dead set against this […]

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