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Marc John Randazza

BAUniversity of Massachusetts
MAUniversity of Florida
(Master of Arts in Mass Communication – Media Law Focus)
JD Georgetown University Law Center

Classes Previously Taught

    • First Amendment Seminar – Free Speech
    • First Amendment Seminar – Church and State
    • Entertainment Law
    • Copyright Law
    • Trademark Law
    • Sports Law

My CV may be downloaded here. This document is great for a quick flash of information, but generally a CV is a poor way of telling the real story of who I am and why I have the audacity to believe that I am qualified to teach you a thing or two. So, here it (briefly) is:

In addition to writing most of the content for The Legal Satyricon, For my “day job,” I am a First Amendment attorney. While the central focus of my practice First Amendment law, I branch out into Intellectual Property, Internet, and Entertainment Law. Let’s just say that I have the coolest job in the world. I am constantly working on the cutting edge of developing areas of law, and I get to fight “the good fight” — protecting all of our First Amendment freedoms. It is an immensely rewarding career choice.

I have experience in both the transactional and litigation sides of a diverse practice that involves many different types of entertainment and media law issues. My “strike zone” is the confluence of First Amendment law and intellectual property law. However, I have experience and expertise in all areas of First Amendment and entertainment law matters. I have represented adult entertainment establishments against socially conservative communities that want to drive “that type of thing” out of town, defamation defendants who have been abused by SLAPP suits, and intellectual property matters, with a particular focus on fighting rejections to trademark registrations under Section 2(a). Of course, I handle all types of complex intellectual property litigation before federal courts, the USPTO, and in international arbitration actions.

I frequently comment for the media on legal matters within my areas of expertise. Some of my selected media appearances are available here, on the media tab.

My scholarship in these areas began while I was still an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts. While there, I had the good fortune to take “Journalism and Law” with Professor Karen List. Prior to that course, I was flunking out of college. That class, and that professor, lit the First Amendment fire in me. That fire burned hot enough that I went from complete disinterest in my studies to an obsession with them. As a result, I later earned a B.A. in Journalism cum laude with a concentration in First Amendment studies. But for that one class, I’m not sure what would have become of me.

After gaining experience as a journalist, I attended Georgetown University Law Center where I earned my juris doctor degree. Georgetown has some great professors, many of whom are quite famous. However, the two professors that influenced me the most there were Professor Oldham, who taught a seminar about the jury system and Professor Verrilli, who taught my First Amendment seminar. Professor Verrilli was quite simply an amazing adjunct. He brought a love for the subject matter as well as plenty of “real world” experience to the classroom. I’ve tried to model my adjunct teaching after his.

During law school, I worked as a summer associate for Rydin Carlsten Advokatbyrå, a Swedish intellectual property law firm (since merged with Lindahl). This experience piqued my IP interest, and gave me the foundation in international arbitration that serves me well to this day. While this was not (strictly speaking) an educational experience, I learned more about practicing international arbitration and international law from Rydin & Carlsten than I could ever have learned in a classroom.

Following my law studies, I completed a two-year research and teaching fellowship at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. While at this position, I lectured on First Amendment, copyright, trademark, and internet law as well as at national and international conferences. Concurrent with my fellowship, I earned a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Florida with a focus on Media Law. At this stage in my academic career, I was fortunate enough to have William F. Chamberlin, an eminent First Amendment scholar as my thesis advisor and mentor. He picked up where Karen List left off and gave me that final kick into the career trajectory that brought me my current level of success and happiness. Here’s a photo of Dr. C and a small token of my appreciation for all he did for me.

I formerly served as a law professor. Although, for the time being, I no longer teach in the classroom setting, I still enjoy helping students and young lawyers find success and fulfillment in this profession, and I welcome inquiries for that purpose.

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