Statutes of Limitations

October 25, 2012

Contributed by Charles Platt

For two weeks, now, UK residents have been stunned by an avalanche of revelations–or at least accusations–regarding the BBC and one of its most famous, nationally revered figures, Sir Jimmy Savile, a disc jockey who hosted shows over a period of decades. Savile endeared himself to the British by doing charity work for hospitals, and was even given his own little room at one, allowing him free access to the entire facility. Apparently he used this access to molest young people, many of them under the age of consent, when they were incapacitated or in wheel chairs. I’m reminded of Willie Sutton’s famous quote, explaining that he robbed banks because “that’s where the money was.” Savile appears to have volunteered at a hospital because “that’s where the helpless young girls were.” The appearance of cold-blooded premeditation is remarkable.

He was also a frequent visitor to a “reform home” for “troubled young girls,” some of whom he would take for rides in his Rolls Royce, where the self-described victims have alleged that sex acts occurred in the back seat. Several hundred women have now come forward with allegations. One BBC executive has already resigned, while others are finding it difficult to claim that they knew nothing. Contemporaries of Savile who are still alive, especially in the music-broadcasting section of the BBC, are being named as co-conspirators. Savile seems to have gotten away with it because he was protected by his fame, his wealth, and his charitable donations to the very places where he has been accused of preying on innocents. Others who worked with him are much more vulnerable, even though they may be now in their 70s and 80s.

Since Savile is now dead, the British press is relatively free to run with this story, despite the strict libel laws in the UK. Journalists have been far more circumspect about naming living suspects–until they issue statements of denial, at which point they become “fair game.”

More interesting to me (but less relevant to this blog) is that there is no statute of limitations on serious sex crimes in the UK. Since many of the alleged events occurred in the 1970s, a defendant may have a hard time coming up with exculpatory evidence to refute the allegations of a sobbing alleged victim in a court room. A blog here claims that in Germany, claims from victims dropped by 80% when that nation discontinued its practice of awarding compensation to crime victims, except where there was corroborative evidence. The same blog claims that, conversely, in Britain, where compensation is paid to victims, claims of abuse that occured decades ago have doubled during the past three years, coincidentally with the economic downturn. 

A statute of limitations may seem intuitively unjust to many people. If the crime occurred, why should someone get away with it just because it happened more than, say, 7 years ago? I note that in some areas of the US, limitations have already been abolished or modified for sex offenses, thus copying the British model.

I am assuming that readers of this blog would distrust any further erosion of statutes of limitations, especially if such protection was reduced or eliminated in First Amendment cases.

Or would they?

Nerd Alert!

May 1, 2012


On this day in 1939, The Batman made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. Source.

True, Batman would get his shit wrecked if he tangled with Wolverine, but that did not stop me from squealing like a school girl when I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is in this one. Sweeeeeeet.

The Dulcet Tones of Slayer Just Got a Little Better.

April 11, 2012

Reign in Blood Red


Not sure what to get that friend who’s a wine enthusiast AND head banger? The Almighty Slayer has come through like a champ and delivered unto us “Reign in Blood” Red, a California Cabernet being marketed out of Sweden.  Who cares if it is so terrible that it would be better suited to salad dressing?  The inverted cross on the label is enough for me to seriously consider stocking it in at least one of my wine racks.


The Prince of Darkness’ Family Jewels.

April 6, 2012

Sweet Mary, mother of fucking awesomeness!

I heard on the radio it was Good Friday today.  “Damn right it’s Good Friday,” I thought, “it’s the season opener for the Diamondbacks.”  Baseball season is here and I am one happy camper.  Turns out, though, I totally forgot this weekend is Easter and Good Friday is something Christians celebrate in connection with Jesus’ torture, death, and zombification.

But for you “only celebrate Easter and Christmas” Christians out there- beware- you are backsliding into the fiery pit of hell with every package of Paas Dye.   Something dastardly has infiltrated the fuzzy bunnies, cute little chickies, and OMG amazing candy holiday:

Satan’s giggle berries.

Gasp you should, this is not a new brand of candy (but how awesome would it be if it was?) This Sunday, as your little darlings scamper about festooned in their pretty dresses and bow ties finding Easter Eggs here and there, they will be filling their brightly colored baskets full of Mephistopheles’ nads.

Fortunately, Dr. Daniel Cameroon has written a book to help guide us through these troubled times. It’s called “Are Your Children Playing With Lucifer’s Testicles? The Truth About Easter Eggs”.  Source.   No discount, though, because only Jesus saves.

Please help make everyone aware of this danger and instead of collecting Beelzebub’s family jewels, tell the little children to stomp those Devil Balls  (also a good name for candy) into the ground instead.   How great would that be to see?  I bet the Cadbury Cream Egg explosion would be epic.

Kids today.

November 9, 2011

Move over Florida!  Looks like Arizonans are overtaking you in the WTF department. Not content with traditional methods of imbibing alcohol, Arizona teens are soaking tampons in Vodka and shoving them in…well you get the idea.    Source.

Apparently, its a quicker high.  They’ve also discovered the beer bong in the ass is quite effective as well.  They call it “butt chugging”.

Baaaa haaaaa haaaa haaaa!!!!!!

Fucking idiots.





Coming At You From The OMG That’s Awesome Department

October 24, 2011

Check out this camera!

Marijuana really brings out the asshole statist in everyone, doesn’t it?

October 9, 2011

Federal prosecutors decided that it is time to make examples of the Californians who are supplying marijuana to willing customers.

Their rationale: People are making money off of it. Their heartstring argument, we can’t have people selling marijuana in stores near parks and schools. Yes, “what about the children?”

And a few states over, a Papa Johns pizza delivery driver called the cops on a guy who was smoking pot. (source)

Turns out the guy had a medical marijuana card, and when the cops got there they apologized for bugging him and left. Lets hear it for the Aurora police department!

On the other hand, Papa John’s seems to think that its driver, pissing on the very market that keeps the chain alive, was acting just as a “concerned citizen.”

“Papa John’s of Colorado wants to stand behind the decision that this delivery driver made. He was acting as a concerned citizen and for what he believes was the best interests of our community.” (source)

I don’t eat pizza from shit chains like Papa Johns anyhow. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t buy a pizza from those Kentucky – based fucktards now. I’d like to encourage everyone to boycott Papa John’s. Stack your freezer with DiGiorno’s or something, and then you pay $3 for the same crappy pizza, but you don’t have some wanna-be TSA agent coming in to your home to bring it to you. summed it up:

You have two species that have been living in perfect harmony for centuries, the Pothead and the Pizza Guy. These two not only used to live in harmony, they NEED each other to survive. Stoners and Pizza Guys are the true circle of life, a perfectly balanced system that keeps both alive. Pizza Guy gets money from high people, high people gets pizza, the world is a happy place. When these two breeds start turning against each other, its time to build a mountain fortress and wait out the apocalypse. (source)