Any official blog communication should be made through this form. Please do not use this blog to retain Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, or any other Satyriconista as an attorney. Please contact them directly.

If you must send an attachment or for some reason can not use this form, then you may send Marc a direct email. However, direct emails MUST adhere to a strict protocol.

I get about 100 legitimate emails a day, as well as hundreds of spam messages a day. So, if you send a direct email, you must:

  1. Always place this in the Subject line: [Randazza Blog];
  2. You must reply to the spamarrest challenge email you will receive.
  3. If you adhere to both of those steps, you may send a direct email to: mjr (at) randazza (dot) com.

Your emails are very important to me. That is why I have these rules, not to make communication difficult for you. Failure to follow the directions may result in your email not actually making it through my various filters, which would bum me out. (you too, probably).

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