Highland Park – Sometimes a Murdering Loser is Just a Murdering Loser

by Marc J. Randazza

The latest mass murderer is 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo, a.k.a. “Awake the Rapper.” Driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit.  (Could this be a sign that he’s a “bro?” After all, “fit” is short for “fitness!”)

Nobody waives an opportunity to use tragedy for political gain.  The anti-gun crowd said this was a reason to pass stricter gun laws.  Meanwhile, Highland Park, Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and to the best of my knowledge, murder was illegal there too.   As Waukesha showed us, a lunatic with a murder wish doesn’t need a gun.  

The other opportunity was to try and place him politically, so that grievances with “the other” political camp could be projected on to Crimx (I don’t want him identified as Italian, we decided that he’s not anymore).  

Crimx gave us all something to latch on to.  He had a rose tattoo and used a rose in his social media profile.  The rose is one of the symbols Antifa uses.  He posted “stay woke.”  He had a pic of himself with the newspaper from the day that Lee Harvey Oswald was killed.  And he has a pic of himself perhaps wrapped in a trans-pride flag (or maybe just a strangely colorful windbreaker).  He also seems to have attended a Trump rally (dressed as Waldo) and in one photo, he wears a Trump flag as a cape.  His dad also appears to be a Republican failed mayoral candidate.  

Based on the evidence, I think if you had to place him in a category, he’d be far more comfortable with Antifa than a MAGA crowd.  His attendance at a Trump rally dressed as Waldo seems to suggest mockery, as does his goofy photo with him wearing a Trump flag as a cape.  If a 22 year old’s parents’ political views could be attributed to their son, I’d have been Alex P. Keaton at age 22 (Instead, I was for all intents and purposes a little Antifa punk myself).  

It doesn’t really matter whether he was MAGA or Antifa – it is how the press handles these things that matters to me.  

Is the mere presence of an image of a flower in his profile “proof” that he is Antifa?  Of course not.  Is him tweeting “stay woke” in 2019 proof of anything?  Not at all.  Can we safely bet that he is aligned with the Left?  I sincerely see no evidence that he was.  It seems to me that he was just an asshole.  A narcissistic asshole.  Maybe he was angry at “America” or was in some way “radicalized.”  But there is just nothing circulating that gives us definitive proof in any direction.  He had no manifesto except for some videos that pretty much screamed “I’m going to commit a mass shooting.”  

But you can bet 1000 to 1 odds that if he had “MAGA” clearly in his profile, or he had donated $5 to a Republican candidate who was not his father, MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post (to say nothing for the Huff Po) would be proclaiming him the “natural product of white supremacy and the Republican party.”  Calling him “mentally ill” would be a “telltale sign of you being a racist apologist for a white supremacist fascist.”  The Democrat owned press reminds me of the old days when anti-rock and roll moralizers would try and read the imagery in rock album covers, and failing to find evidence of demonic intent in the lyrics, would slowly play the records backwards — desperately searching for some hidden evil.  

Meanwhile, when the murder doesn’t fit their narrative, it gets memory holed.  Waukesha, anyone?  The Las Vegas murderer?  Anyone know anything about them?  Not by reading the aforementioned press outlets you don’t.  If you venture on to Twitter, where I asked if these signs would result in us realizing how dangerous Antifa and leftism is, the tantrum was so loud you could probably hear it in Mongolia.  Of the hundreds of responses, maybe two Libertarians understood my point.  Meanwhile, at least one lawyer claimed that by attributing him to Antifa, I had somehow violated the attorney ethics rules.  

Can I proclaim Crimx a “dangerous leftist?”  No way.  There are some markers of this, the dyed hair, the effeminate physique, the desire to mock Trump, but there’s no way that all leads me to being ready to proclaim that this was a “leftist inspired terrorist attack.”  

We can’t pick through the shit of this loser’s life, find a few leftist nubs of corn in there, and call him Antifa corn chowder.  If you agree with that, then you’ve got to agree that we can’t do the same if the shooter happens to have the same level of bread crumbs in his life.  And we certainly can’t trust any so-called “journalist” who proclaims otherwise — no matter who the loser murderer is.  

3 Responses to Highland Park – Sometimes a Murdering Loser is Just a Murdering Loser

  1. Turk says:

    I don’t care what his name is, of what he believes in (if anything).
    I care that 45,000 people were killed by guns last year, because guns have become easier and easier to get. Running a red line through a portion of the 2A to turn a collective right into a personal one didn’t help.

    Focusing on on today’s mass murder (or yesterday’s or tomorrow’s) misses the forest for the trees.

  2. Spillway says:

    This is the sort of smug, faux-humble, self-fluffing essay I would write when I was an insufferably cringeworthy college sophomore who was way too high on myself and thought I was smarter than most other people. No “Democrat owned press” exists, and you’re smart enough to know better than to publicly attach your name to such ignorant, immature asininity. Hell, you can’t even use hyphens correctly in that phrase. Goddamn, get over yourself.

  3. Mark Kernes says:

    Damn right, Turk!!!!!!!!

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