The Satyriconistas

The Satyriconistas are a diverse group of writers, all selected to write for the Legal Satyricon because of the quality of their work and the depth of their minds. Orthodoxy does not abound here. The opinions of one writer should not be, nor could they intelligently be, imputed to any other. Each speaks their own mind here, and when that mind disagrees with other Satyriconistas, all the better. We have conservative writers alongside liberal writers, feminist writers alongside a porn attorney.

The only common thread is that none of us take ourselves too seriously, and we are committed to fostering wide open and robust debate. Meet the Satyriconistas, in no particular order.

The “Active Duty” Satyriconistas

  • Marc J. Randazza
  • Jay Marshall Wolman
    Jay went to law school with Marc. Fifteen years after graduation, and after several years blogging here, he took the plunge and now works with Marc. Jay’s first computer was a Commodore Vic-20, had his first e-mail account on a VAX system, wrote his first web page using a text editor and HTML 1.0, and is now CIPP/US certified. He prefers to practice employment law, but will litigate anything you throw at him.
  • Charles Platt
    Charles Platt is a contributing editor to Make Magazine, which encourages people to hack existing technology and build new things. Previously, he was one of three senior writers for Wired. Born in England, he studied economics at Cambridge University, but dropped out to be a writer and moved to New York City. In the 1970s he experienced a political epiphany when he saw a one-minute public service rebuttal on TV, questioning New York rent control. He realized that he was more a libertarian than a liberal, and wrote a novel titled Free Zone to celebrate his conversion. His subsequent nonfiction book, Anarchy Online, was a spirited defense of freedoms on the internet. He supports CATO, the Institute for Justice, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums, and hangs out in Northern Arizona among extremists who share his paranoid mindset.
  • Tatiana von Tauber
    Tatiana von Tauber is our resident expert on feminist theory, but she brings so much more to the mix. Tatiana is an artist and photographer, writer and blogger whose life is centered on exploring and understanding the philosophy of love, sexuality and eroticism and its influences on society and consciousness, growth and existential freedom and all things feminine through various artistic and creative forms.
  • Jason Fischer
    As a former software developer, Fischer is our resident g33k whose interests lie mostly in the nexus between law and tech. As a self-described rational conservative, he attempts to bring some balance to the sometimes overly-leftist ravings that appear on the Legal Satyricon. Jason completed his J.D. at Barry University School of Law, magna cum laude (where he booked Randazza’s trademarks class) and is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Florida Bar.

The “Reservist” Satyriconistas – Alumni and Occasional Contributors

  • Matthew C. Sanchez
  • Jonathon Blevins
  • Sam Lea
  • Tara Kirsten King
  • Lateigra Cahill
  • Tara Warrington
  • Bob Berger
  • Sean O’Connor
  • Christopher Harbin
  • Zac Papantoniou
  • Jessica Christensen

Guide for Recruits

The Legal Satyricon is always looking for active duty and reservist Satyriconistas. Whether you wish to contribute a single piece, or become an active member of the revolution, the Legal Satyricon is always looking for a few good contributors. There are two ways to become a Satyriconista:

  • Method 1: Come to our headquarters with two black shirts, two pairs of black pants, one pair of black boots, two pairs of black socks, one black jacket, an army surplus mattress, and three hundred dollars personal burial money. Wait outside for three days, rain or shine. If you are still there three days later, we will begin your training.
  • Method 2: Email story pitches and/or correspondent ideas to Marc J. Randazza by using the contact form.

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