Latest CNN Column – “The Slants” Decision is all Sideways

My latest CNN Column is a bit of a sneak peek of the upcoming publication of my thesis in the Nevada Law Journal.

2 Responses to Latest CNN Column – “The Slants” Decision is all Sideways

  1. CPlatt says:

    I wonder if acronyms are forbidden. Thinking of NWA (you recall, Niggas With Attitude). Of course, they didn’t seek a trademark. But if they had?

    Or abbreviations. How many letters do you have to omit, to become inoffensive? The Slnts? The Snts?

    Long ago in the UK, four young women went for a stroll along Portobello Road, the London equivalent of Haight-Ashbury. Each woman wore a T-shirt with just one letter on it. They were F, U, C, and K. Police on the scene made an instant determination that although the shirts were obviously legal, the women couldn’t walk side-by-side in a sequence that spelled out the forbidden word. So, they became F, C, U, K, and a little further down the road U, F, C, K….

  2. dan says:

    and FCUK became the registered mark and well-used logo of a very successful (for a while) line of clothing.

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