Our “right to be forgotten” online.

Marc Randazza’s article on CNN regarding Google’s defeat in the European High Court, which requires it to remove links to outdated information that is not a matter of public interest when asked to do so by the subject of those links.

2 Responses to Our “right to be forgotten” online.

  1. I like the idea of a “right to be forgotten,” but I’m not sure that enforcing it upon Google is the way to go about it. Google should accurately reflect the contents of the Internet. It’s a search engine, not an information publisher. Shouldn’t we instead ask those who publish the information to take it down?

    • I do not think so.

      The information should not be scrubbed, if you ask me. But, Google is re-using it and reviving it. The “right to be forgotten” is not a “right to scrub information from existence.” Its much shallower than that (unless you listen to the whining and lying crybabies in silicon valley)

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