If you ever wonder if being a lawyer is hard…. (City of Inglewood v. Teixeira)

Do you?

Are you a law student, worried that you might not pass the bar?

If you’re that worried, read this shit and remember that the idiot who filed this idiotic lawsuit is not only licensed, but has clients. See Inglewood, California Sues YouTube Critic For Copyright Infringement Over Use Of City Council Videos (here)

The City of Inglewood is suing the author of this youtube clip for copyright infringement. Come at me, bro. I’m re-publishing it. (wags dick at fucking idiot mayor of Inglewood)

Seriously, read this garbage. If you think you can’t make it as a lawyer, just remember that the author of that piece of shit has a bar license and managed to snag the City of Inglewood as a client.

7 Responses to If you ever wonder if being a lawyer is hard…. (City of Inglewood v. Teixeira)

  1. When I worry that maybe I won’t be able to cut it in law school (or be able to pass the bar) I remember that people like Orly Taitz, Chris Cuomo, and Charles Carreon were all graduates of law schools and licensed to practice law…

    And then I think “I probably have it in the bag…”

  2. agent provocateur says:

    Let first kill all the lawyers… William Shakespeare

  3. jackn2 says:

    3. The Defendant Steals the Copyrighted Works

    Nice one, they’re (the city) going to win with such brilliant observations.

  4. Jim B says:

    I’m not in law school yet (applying), but I work in a business where I have clients, and the rule is that you do the work the paying client requests (if it isn’t illegal). Is it different for an attorney? Are you supposed to turn them down if they ask you to file a crap suit? I know it would be your responsibility to advise them that it’s of little or no merit, but if the client insists on legal action, are you expected to say no, and possibly lose the client?

  5. Gary S. Edinger says:

    The text of my e-mail to Inglewood’s Mayor:

    Dear Mayor Butts:

    I read with interest several news stories concerning the referenced copyright case filed by the City of Inglewood. As a great admirer of creative lawyering and speculative fiction, I wonder if it would be too much to ask that the City Clerk hand out a copy of the City’s Complaint and Memoranda to all of the citizens who attend the next commission meeting?

  6. LTMG says:

    After reading the bio of attorney JoAnna Esty, one can see that she is clearly intelligent, educated, and experienced. Whether she is wise is another question entirely. Is she perhaps willing to temporarily shelve her reputation for a fee?

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