Breaking news(?) Babies intentionally cockblock

Babies cry to make sure their moms aren’t getting any. Yep… little tiny cockblockers. (source) Couldn’t we just assure them that we’re using birth control?

4 Responses to Breaking news(?) Babies intentionally cockblock

  1. dan says:

    ok. so…every other species other than us has crying/mewing/whimpering offspring it it is part of the deal for millions of years but for us…its suddenly cockblocking? sorry but thats just dumb. If there were a genetic advantage some other species would have found it first. And it would have worked. Also, who gets results after studying two babies? thats some sample size.

  2. J says:

    Actually, you read the article wrong. According to the article, babies don’t cry in order to cock-block, but to “prolong her lactational amenorrhea,” which has the effect of preventing procreation (getting pregnant, not the act of sexual intercourse) by keeping the mother temporarily infertile.

  3. Kerry Hurwitz says:

    @J – I didn’t realize babies know all those big words.

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