U.S. Supreme Court passes on Thomas-Rasset Case

The United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the Minnesota woman famously sued by the RIAA (sub nom Capitol Records) in 2006 during its multi-year litigation campaign.  Thomas-Rasset has already gone through three trials and numerous appeals in this matter, and currently faces a judgment of $220,000 held by the RIAA.  While the RIAA claims it has been willing to settle this matter from its inception, Thomas-Rasset has protested throughout the proceedings that she is unable to pay what the RIAA demands.  Thomas-Rasset contends there is no way the RIAA can collect on its judgment.

2 Responses to U.S. Supreme Court passes on Thomas-Rasset Case

  1. rendallren says:

    Sorry, I’m slow. This is bad news, right?

  2. Depends on which side of the case you are on. It’s bad news for Thomas-Rasset. It’s not like the RIAA wins here though. They still have someone that is essentially judgement proof and they spent nearly a decade looking like thugs beating up on a mom. The RIAA is evil (in my opinion). They are a terrorist organization that should be completely unnecessary if our copyright laws could be made sane with reasonable sanctions for violation.


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