Richard Marx takes on small time blogger… Marx wins.

Small time blogger writes something mildly lame about Richard Marx. Richard Marx appears to get overly bent out of shape about it. Marx and blogger go back and forth.

And, just when you think you want to root for the little guy, just when you think this is a case of someone being thin-skinned, Richard Marx wins you over… or at least he won me over.

Read Richard Marx hates my guts

8 Responses to Richard Marx takes on small time blogger… Marx wins.

  1. Luke says:

    Yep, marx winz.

  2. […] I came across an article via Marc Randazza about Richard Marx. In the article, a blogger said Richard Marx is “shameless”. Marx in turn said […]

    • obscureandoblique says:

      “Richard Marx wrote the kind of manly hair ballads you wanted to put on a mix tape for the girl you had a crush on.”

      Surrender your man card.

  3. I say yes in a way and no in a way. LOL

  4. LoraL says:

    I like it. He creates win-win scenarios when he does this: he and the blogger he picks on get more hits, likes and followers on-line, and both names, “personal brands,” prosper.

  5. I went to the article and read the to-and-fro and the comments. I feel like I just had a front row seat to a pig-wrestling contest. I saw a lot of muck, and read a lot of what I would call “light heat and sound”, but as for substance..forget it. However, I think that Marx is putting energy into the wrong activities by trying to out-snark a critic. He is descending to other people’s levels, allowing his behavior to be defined by them.

  6. Stürm und Dräng.

    Except the stürm got brought up to the level of the dräng, and the dräng got dragged down to the stürm.


  7. alpha4centauri says:

    If Richard Marx wants to stay in the public eye years after his last successful recording by writing pugnacious responses to small-time bloggers, that’s his choice. But there are lots more people who deserve it.

    A blog written in his characteristic style calling into question the manhood of the people who send other people’s sons to do their work as suicide bombers would be more interesting to a lot of us. Unless he’s too chickenshit.

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