Mike Masnick Proven Right!

Masnick, over at TechDirt has a philosophy that, if you oversimplify it, boils down to “even if people give your stuff away for free, you can still make money charging for it if you give superior service.”

Here is proof that he is right.

Well, I dunno… Mike also says stuff like “if you can’t compete with free, [something bad about you].” But, by the way the hippie gets all upset, it looks like the opposite. Free can’t compete with paid!

Meh, lets just stick with Masnick proven right.

One Response to Mike Masnick Proven Right!

  1. What can I get for $20? ROFLMAO… This made my day. It just showed so clearly why the hippy was doing it – it wasn’t for anyone else, it was all about him.

    Hey, I’d pay $2 for a deluxe hug. Even from a guy. Actually, especially from a guy – if a girl or woman was offering, I might forget myself and spend all my pension. That would be wrong.

    OK, OK, he’s trying to make a point, and it wasn’t a particularly “decent” thing to do, where he was doing it. But the point is still there.

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