Welcome “Animal Rights” Nuts!

I’m a big animal lover. I hate anyone who hurts animals for amusement.

But, there is a wing of the animal rights movement that is populated by tinfoil hat shitheads. They discovered this post: United States v. Stevens – Protecting Animals no Justification for First Amendment Amputation.

I welcome them as readers.

However, I’ve decided that for every stupid fucking comment by some moronic vegetarian that gets posted there, I am going to do something. Heh.

This weekend, I am going to a restaurant that is famous for its Foie Gras. I love Foie Gras, but I haven’t eaten it in a long time, as I do recognize the cruelty that is required in order to make it. But, I figure fuck it, they made it anyhow, right?

So, for every dumb assed whiny comment I get on that post, I am going to order one helping of Foie Gras. After that dinner, if the comments continue, I’m going to order veal at every single lunch from now until the PETA morons find something else to do. Yum.

24 Responses to Welcome “Animal Rights” Nuts!

  1. Mike says:

    The sad reality is, cruelty makes it more delicious. Though to be honest, from what I’ve read, the foie gras process doesn’t seem that cruel. Doesn’t make it any less delicious though… bon appetit!

  2. DOMINO says:

    You’ll get the gout!

  3. Clint says:

    How ’bout some veal while you’re at it.

  4. I am one of those vegetarians that still gets hunger pangs while my mouth waters whenever I smell a cook out, someone is baking chick or any other roasting dead flesh of an innocent animal.

    I don’t tell people not to eat meat, if they ask about why I am a vegetarian, I will offer up my views but as I don’t want anyone shoving their religious beliefs, drugs or families in my face, I wont shove my vegetarianism.


  5. Ken says:

    But the new comments you are getting are so wonderful!

    How have we come so far as to consider video, which is action, speech? Due to the law, beautiful as it is, our lives are more cerebral than heart-centered and we will fail until love is taught in our schools and ruled in our couts…it’s not arbitrary at all. Love is described in our bibles and dictionaries. If we tested against that standard, this world would have a better chance of not destroying itself.

    That’s AWESOME. We need a Vegan on the Supreme Court.

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh Marc – Why do you hate America? heh now I know you only ordered Veal during firm lunches because you knew it upset us girls…

  7. Isabel says:

    I know you’re a legal expert but I read this blog for the humor!

  8. This was just pure comedy. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Dan Steinberg says:

    I’m here all week, Try the veal……no….wait…perhapns …

  10. When I used to eat meat, Veal Parmesan was my FAVORITE meal…I can’t help it…I am half Italian

  11. What will you stuff down your gullet if I tell you about Switzerland’s newly adopted animal proection legislation (less than one year old)? The new law spells out in minute detail how all domestic animals are to be treated. This includes pets, farm animals and those destined for scientific experiments. Wild animals are covered if in zoos or circuses.

    EVEN GOLDFISH are included. The law specifies in detail how goldfish are to be treated — live fish cannot be flushed down the toilet. They must be knocked out and killed first — er, euthanized. Read more about the Swiss law at:


  12. Taylor says:

    Awesome! Your logic is impeccable and I couldn’t agree more. As a matter of fact, those PETA types irritate me so much that I’m going to kick some puppies and then set a kitten on fire.

  13. What is wrong with treating and killing something humanely, doing all we can to make it least painful as possible?

    I support PETA because they are the ones that go behind the scenes and do undercover video tapping of all that goes on.

    I also support the ‘Communist Party USA’. Though I dont support the ACLU with a paid membership because they support Supreme Justice Scalia, I do support a lot of what they do.

    So what does that make me?

    • I agree that there’s no reason for senseless cruelty. I also agree that veal and foie gras are produced through incredibly inhumane means. But, they are just so damn tasty!

      I’m not a big fan of PETA. I think that they go a bit overboard into complete nuttiness.

      Question: how does the ACLU support Scalia? I’ve never seen anything to support that.

  14. On Mon, 5/5/08, Kitt Barrett wrote:
    From: Kitt Barrett
    Subject: ACLU
    To: cpmondello@yahoo.com
    Date: Monday, May 5, 2008, 11:06 AM

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for contacting the American Civil Liberties Union.

    I am sorry that you disagree with our inclusion of Justice Scalia in events at our Member Conference.

    Justice Scalia participated in the ACLU’s 2007 Member Conference in a debate with the ACLU’s President Nadine Strossen. During that debate, Ms. Strossen noted that Justice Scalia is a friend and valued legal colleague, which is why he was invited to speak at our celebration of Ms. Strossen’s work.

    Kitt Barrett
    Member Services Coordinator
    ACLU National Office
    125 Broad Street
    New York, NY 10004


    RE: Justice Scalia and “Our Lady Liberty” June 2008
    Thursday, May 8, 2008 10:03 AM
    From: “Anthony Romero”
    To: cpmondello@yahoo.com

    Dear Mr. Mondello:

    Thank you for your email. I appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns about the upcoming ACLU Membership Conference with me and I am glad to have the opportunity to respond.

    Included among the roster of confirmed events for the conference is, as you note, a Closing Plenary Lunch: “Our Lady Liberty: Celebrating Nadine Strossen,” featuring a number of guests: Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, and Antonin Scalia; Kathleen Sullivan; Rev. Barry Lynn; Aryeh Neier; Norman Dorsen; and Christie Hefner.

    I appreciate your concerns about Justice Scalia; however, when planning our conferences we try to include a diverse set of topics and speakers, because we believe that democracy is best served when individuals of all political and ideological stripes engage each other in well-informed discussion and debate. Justice Scalia participated in our 2006 Conference and his “conversation about civil liberties” with Nadine Strossen was quite engaging and well-received. (You may view a video of that event online at rtsp://video.c-span.org/archive/sc/ac102106.rm).

    Furthermore, while Justice Scalia has written several opinions strongly rejecting positions that the ACLU advocates, he also has written other important opinions forcefully upholding ACLU principles, including in cases involving issues of free speech, search and seizure and rights of criminal defendants.

    In addition to Justice Scalia and the other guests listed above, the roster of speakers at this year’s conference will include Johanna Blakely, Arthur Chaskalson, Ariel Dorfman, Alex Gibney, Jan Crawford Greenburg, Glenn Greenwald, Arianna Huffington, Daryl Hunt, John Hutson, Toni Locy, Barry Lynn, Rachel Maddow, James Risen, Kathleen Sullivan, Adaora Udoji and many more.

    Again, thank you for writing, and I hope that I was able to adequately allay your concerns. Please know that the ACLU appreciates your support, and I hope that we can continue to count on it, especially at this critical time for civil liberties.

    Anthony D. Romero
    Executive Director

  15. ed hickey says:

    I work in veterinary medicine and am all for further protecting the animals. However, I disagree with the HSUS’s choice to pursue this case. We need to focus on the big picture of animal rights, and developing federal animal protection legislation. I don’t think it’s worth the potentially risk of set back for animal rights, to prosecute this one case. Even though it is a very heartfelt issue with me, I try to stay grounded in what are “realistic possibilities.” A human’s rights will always trump an animal’s. That’s just the way it is, and I don’t necessarily disagree with that. There are, however, plenty of other avenues we can pursue, that will still allow us to protect the animals, without impeding the rights of humans. This is what we should be focusing on.

  16. ed hickey says:

    Oh yeah by the way…speaking of foilhat wearing shitheads…. not to defend Stevens, as I think he is scum for ANY sort of involvement in such videos, but PETA uses equally disgusting graphic depictions of animal abuse and injured animals in their protests, propaganda. and on their website. Now does that make PETA any worse then Stevens, or is this equally despicable? Personally I find it equally despicable and frankly crass. If anything they are impeding animal rights, and doing it a great disservice with their tactics.

  17. Elle U. says:

    Sorry, you can’t “be a big animal lover” and devour inhumanely produced meat. You can be a dog or cat lover, but that’s about it. I have only three words for people like you: diabetes, cancer, heart disease. Enjoy!

  18. pissbeuponhim says:

    I would love to see a Coliseum event where PETA shitheads are devoured by lions as they assert the lions’ “rights”.

  19. cpmondello says:

    The Coliseum events are only used for special occasions….like watching how long the Christians thrown in there will survive…good times.

    • flushdemoturds says:

      obviously you are muslim scum. we infidels will watch an animal fuck your mother..

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