The Legal Satyricon Named Among Top 50 Internet Law Blogs!

May 4, 2009

by Jason Fischer

Justice City, USA published their list of Top 50 Internet Law Blogs, and The Legal Satyricon was recognized as a niche blog for writers who like to argue with each other:

The only common thread among the writers on this blog [is] that none of them take each other too seriously, and they are committed to fostering wide open and robust debate.

A few other notable favorites made the list: The TTABlog, Bag and Baggage, Erik J. Heels, Likelihood of Confusion, Technology and Marketing Law Blog — to name just a few.

Thanks for the mention, Justice City, USA. As a token of our gratitude, please enjoy this awesome montage of Check Norris kicking ass (we Satyriconistas like to watch it before doing battle with one another):

Additions to the Blawgroll

April 18, 2009

I really should update the roll more often. I’ve been a big fan of Mark Bennett’s Defending People and Gideon’s A Public Defender for a long time. Unfortunately, the way I have to update my ‘roll is sort of a pain in the ass… thus my gushing respect for fellow members of the blawgosphere is not always in line with the lineup down at the bottom right.

Both Gideon and Bennett are fine specimens of the “Practical Blawgosphere.” In other words, blawgs by people who practice law or provide useful legal knowledge. Gideon brings a compassionate, humorous, and poignant perspective to the criminal law edge of the practical blawgosphere.

Bennett invented the term practical blawgosphere, which he defined as: Blogs which are recently updated and focused on knowledge or ideas that are clearly useable in the practice of law; or potentially useable in the practice of law, along with a discussion of how they might be useable. Bennett’s now-famous manifesto, Welcome to the Practical Blawgosphere is a must read. For more on that subject, read Greenfield’s “Are Law Professors Afraid of the Practical Blawgosphere?

Gideon, Mark, welcome to the Satyriconroll.

Welcome to the Roll

February 26, 2009

Look what Zac "found"

Look what Zac 'found'

I would like to welcome some new authors to the SatyriconRoll.

  1. Patricia E. Salkin and her Law of the Land Blawg.
  2. Johnny Peepers and his Dillsnap Cogitations
  3. Eric Goldman and his Tech and Marketing Blog
  4. Venkat Balasubramani and his Spam Notes

As usual, these additions have been a long time coming.

Patricia E. Salkin, Esq. is the Raymond and Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law, Associate Dean and Director of the Government Law Center of Albany Law School. Wow, pretty impressive, huh? Well, those titles aren’t half as impressive as her blawg, which seems to be the only one out there dealing specifically with land use and zoning issues. So why does that interest me, you ask? She follows and analyzes adult entertainment zoning decisions with enough skill that I have added her Adult Entertainment RSS feed to my already overstuffed inbox.

The pseudonymous Peepers has been a favorite of mine for years. Peepers describes himself as “a socio-pathetic degenerate with a penchant for cheap booze, ruphy-laden broads, and dim sum soup.” His writing and subjects aren’t for everyone — but they are definitely for me. Dillsnap Cogitations is for you too if you liked Taxi Driver.

When I’m working on a tech law issue, I’ll usually check Goldman before logging in to Lexis. This blawg clearly falls into the “useful” category. He religiously follows court decisions on tech matters and seems to never sleep. If I were an aspiring law student, I would seriously think about attending Santa Clara just to take classes from this dude.

Venkat Balasubramani is a relatively new addition to the blawgosphere, but has already made a splash. He writes on Electronic Communications, Privacy, ID Theft, Data Protection, Adware, Spyware, and More. The “more” is often as fascinating as his areas of expertise. Best of all, Venkat’s blawger etiquette is outstanding. Spam Notes is the kind of spam you actually want to read.

When announcing new additions to the Roll, I like to also share my methodology: Read the rest of this entry »

Nifty New Blog – Secular Right

December 17, 2008

Secular Right describes itself as follows:

We believe that conservative principles and policies need not be grounded in a specific set of supernatural claims. Rather, conservatism serves the ends of “Human Flourishing,” what the Greeks termed Eudaimonia. Secular conservatism takes the empirical world for what it is, and accepts that the making of it the best that it can be is only possible through our faculties of reason.

You need a better reason to give them a read? They linked to us.

But seriously folks… if Secular Right keeps up the game, they’ll be a great addition to the blogosphere. I might not buy all their arguments, but at least they aren’t based in goblin worship.

Weblog Awards

November 25, 2008

They closed the “Best Law Blog” category before we could be nominated, but we qualify as an “Education Blog,” so we’re a nominee in that category.

If you enjoy the Legal Satyricon, click here and make sure to click the plus sign. plus

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Why Popehat is teh L33t!

November 21, 2008

Bob... not the Bob we're cooking up at Petronius Labs... we don't know how to make clip art.

Petronius Labs is cooking up a Bob of its own

Seriously, why do you even read this blog when Popehat tips you off to awesomness like THIS.

Ahhh… but fear not dear readers. We will have more awesomeness soon, and then we will CRUSH Popehat! (Ok, just kidding, I wouldn’t want to crush Popehat — we LOVES US Popehat, but the Star Wars Parody got me all worked up).

We are brewing up a new Satyriconista over at Petronius Labs. BOB will be with us soon!


August 4, 2008

When we hit 100,000 visitors, I saw it coming and held a little contest.

It looks like the quarter million eyeballs mark just snuck up on me a bit.

Now I have very large blogging chram.

I’ll still take post-250,000 hit submissions for new contest. Prize TBA.

Welcome to the Roll, QuizLaw

August 2, 2008

I don’t know why QuizLawhasn’t made it to the roll earlier. But, now that QuizLaw announced that the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is Seth’s favorite charity — my hand is forced.

Welcome, Seth et. al.

Subscribe by Email!

June 25, 2008

It may be a bit pathetic, but it took me this long to figure out how to use an email subscription service for the Legal Satyricon.

Better late than never.

If you would like to subscribe by email, you can use the widget to the right, or simply use the link below.


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Announcing a new Blawg

April 22, 2008

About a month ago, I asked Professor Leonard Birdsong to write a guest blog post for me. See Birdsong on Barack Obama and His Pastor.

Apparently that post gave Birdsong the blawging bug, and he has launched his own. Professor Birdsong is going to be vlogging soon as well.

Please join me in welcoming Birdsong to the blawgosphere.

Happy Birthday to You!

April 21, 2008

Happy second birthday to Jon Katz’ Underdog Blog!

And, if it wasn’t a happy enough occasion, on his blog post commemorating the event, Jon pays me mad props!

While I understand the benefit of speaking in a diplomatic manner to open listeners’ ears, I do that enough in court, and tend to be more direct and unvarnished in our blog, but perhaps not as unvarnished as my brother lawyer Marc Randazza whose blog is among the small handful that I read almost daily.(source)

It is always cool to get props… but when you get them from someone you hope to be like when you grow up… now that makes your day.

Unvarnished… heh… that’s putting it lightly.

Thanks for two years of great content, two years of inspiration, and for being one of the best damn blawgs out there.

A Long Time Coming

March 9, 2008

My blawgroll is not updated often enough. I am trying to rectify that.

The qualifications for getting on the roll are combination of non-exclusive factors:

  1. How useful is your blawg? If I think it is a worthwhile resource, that gives you some points.
  2. How pertinent is it to my subject matter? Even the greatest workers compensation or family law blawg of all time will probably not make the cut.
  3. Do I regularly read your blawg? If I don’t read you, I probably won’t recommend that others do.
  4. Do I think that others should? Duh.
  5. Do you share the love? While I don’t believe in quid pro quo as a controlling factor, it comes into play. Marty Klein has never linked to me, but he gets so much juice from the other categories that I can’t help but link to him. On the other hand, there are other blawgs and blogs out there that link to me obsessively — but the other criteria are just not there. No offense to them at all, but the Legal Satyricon is a bit ADD as it is. I need to try and keep some focus.
  6. The dormant share the love clause I have had a few blawgs purged from the roll for failing to share the love. If I link to a blawg a lot, and never get so much as a wink back, it bugs me. When I can tell that someone isn’t respecting the “hat tip” protocol, I lose interest in promoting and recommending them
  7. Is my link of any use to you? Some blawgs just don’t need a link from me. For example, I read The Volokh Conspiracy a lot. It should, by all rights, be on the roll. However, I want to keep the roll rather short. I think that the traffic that would come from me to a blawg like that would be very insignificant. Naturally, I link to Volokh (and similar blawgs) in my postings a lot.

You will note that “how much I agree with you” is not a factor. That said, I won’t add anyone to my roll that promotes hate, bigotry, or whose views are antithetical to the Constitution.

All that said, there have been little prodding emails asking “hey, how about me?” recently (cough cough … Scott!). And the result was me saying “holy bejesus, he *does* belong on the roll!” So, if you are a reader and you think that your blawg belongs on my roll, don’t be shy… the answer to every question is “no” unless you ask.

With that, I proudly announce a few new arrivals on the blawgroll:

  1. Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice
  2. Susan Cartier Liebel’s Build a Solo Practice
  3. Eric Turkewitz’s New York Personal Injury Law Blog

All three should have been on my roll months ago. They are all, in their own way, tremendously useful, thought provoking, and highly recommended.

I’m really embarrassed that Susan just made the roll. She’s showered me with kindness and links for a long time — in fact, I think that she was the first “respectable” blogger to do so. How do I thank her? I fail to link to her for more than a year.

Simple Justice makes a lot of sense to be on my roll. Our two blawgs are not duplicative, but definitely are kindred spirits.

Turkewitz’ blawg might be a head scratcher. What the heck does a personal injury blawg have to do with my areas of expertise and interest? Nothing. Nevertheless, I find his blawg to be thought provoking as all hell, and frankly quite addictive and detrimental to my billing!

Welcome to the Legal Satyricon’s blawgroll you three. I hope that you never have this held against you in a congressional hearing… are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Legal Satyricon’s blawgroll?

On the Northern Illinois Shootings and Compassion

February 16, 2008

I don’t really write about violence and criminal issues that much, so I’ll defer to Jon Katz’ Underdog Blog on Steven Kazmierczak and the shootings at Northern Illinois University.

The most moving part of his post is this:

The most powerful way to reduce violence in society is for each person to reach out to others in need. Otherwise, rampant violence will continue, and convicting and jailing people for violent crimes will just be a band-aid that barely covers the wound, and that does little to prevent new wounds.

If only we all followed this little thread of wisdom.

Katz always makes me step back, breathe, and think. For all of the fire and passion that I express on The Legal Satyricon, I must confess that I always try to be more like Katz. Compassionate, calm, pensive.

Obviously, my success is somewhat incomplete.

Even the Buddha was not always enlightened.

For now, I’ll make sure that I do at least one extra act of compassion today. I’m going to be traveling today, which means that I will encounter any number of idiots, flunkies, and pains-in-the-asses. I’ll pick at least one person that I have a tremendous desire to scream at and instead do something nice for them.

Heh, that’ll screw with my friends’ heads. That alone will make it worth it…

But, a little being the change you want to see in the world is never a bad thing.

Can the Police Search Your iPhone or Blackberry?

February 7, 2008

Adam Gershowitz, a professor at the South Texas College of Law explores this in his recent article, The iPhone Meets the Fourth Amendment and so does the Northern District of Georgia in United States v. Carroll, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7485 (N.D. Ga. 2008).

Read the rest of this entry »

Dillsnap Cogitations

February 1, 2008

Dillsnap Cogitations is a marvelous blend of politics and punk-rock tribute that makes no such attempt and offers no apologies. Its author describes himself as follows:

Hi, my name is Johnny Peepers. I am a socio-pathetic degenerate with a penchant for cheap booze, ruphy-laden broads, and dim sum soup. I have a maniacal and brooding personality, often described as emotionally-stunted, and tortured beyond repair. Some say I evoke a mental image of Travis Bickle. That is, if Bickle had suffered a sadistic and nightmarish upbringing, three months of violent frontal lobe electrical shock, and a daily punishing drop-kick to the nut-satchel. I love children and small animals because they represent everything that I am not. Namely, they are pure and innocent representations of God’s bounty here on Earth. I weep when I think of all the suffering in the world. I also weep when I urinate small particulates of crystal methamphetamine too though. I hope to meet new people who share my optimistic outlook for humanity. Although I am a tainted and brutally scarred shell of a man, I hope to motivate others to rise above their impediments and retardedness to achieve what I have not.

How the hell can you not be intrigued? Danger, you may be stuck there for hours on end.