Big Win for TMZ & Nevada Anti-SLAPP law

Last year, Dan Bilzerian, professional poker player and Instagram playboy, sued gossip website “The Dirty World” for publishing a story about a woman who alleged Bilzerian gave her Chlamydia. The media news website TMZ posted an article about the lawsuit, and Bilzerian amended his initial complaint to include TMZ as a defendant, alleging TMZ’s article was false and defamatory. Of course, we (Randazza Legal Group) filed an Anti-SLAPP motion on behalf of TMZ in Clark County District Court. We’re happy to say the court granted the Anti-SLAPP, dismissed all of Bilzerian’s claims against TMZ, and awarded costs and attorneys’ fees.

Just another good day in the world of journalism and Anti-SLAPP law. Check out the TMZ Anti-SLAPP Order here.

4 Responses to Big Win for TMZ & Nevada Anti-SLAPP law

  1. evrenseven says:

    President Trump will boot the anti- SLAPP laws out of the country along with all the immigrants.

  2. andrews says:

    Good win. However, I am not sure their statute is of the finest kind. According to the order, the initial burden is on the defendant to prove good faith communication [order, pg 2, lns 3..6].

    That means you may have to, at least, answer and sit through a deposition while the other side tries to get your client to admit that he hates the plaintiff and published the material on that basis.

    At least in this case, all you had to show was that Don Bilzerian was a public figure and that he had brought suit alleging that he had not been spreading chlamydia.

    In the case of a less public figure, how do you get over the hurdle of showing good intent/absense of Times v. Sullivan malice? And for those of us who are not as informed on our public figures, who is this crybaby “Bilzerian” anyway, and why do we care about his loathesome ailments or lack thereof?

  3. Shay says:

    So you only filed the SLAAP for TMZ and not the other? You only stick up for the people who have money already.

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