Things are going to change around here

If you are a regular reader, you know that I have neglected the blog, for the most part, for some time.

I’m just busy with other shit. Dad, husband, working… so feeding The Satyricon is just too sporadic.

But I do love writing my shit. I just think I need to be in a bigger boat. I do play well with others.

So, there may be updates here, but from here on in, the only updates will likely be teasers sending you over to where I will be doing most of my writing from now on.


That’s a surprise….

Til Monday.

9 Responses to Things are going to change around here

  1. ballinacorriga says:

    You’ve been on a roll lately I thought. Do the best you can to keep it coming. Somewhere!

  2. I’m fond of this site and like that fact that it’s your boat. I’d rather captain a small boat than crew a large one. Only way I am writing for someone else is for a paycheck.

  3. alpharia says:

    Is it going to be a triumverate of yourself, Popehat and Simply Justice blawging together?


    That would be freakin AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Rendall says:

    Fault Lines @ Mimesis Law? :)

  5. dan says:

    I for one welcome our new alien blawgerlords….

    but srsly…I dont think anyone minded that you were not giving us a steady feed. For me it meant that you just couldnt find shit worthy of writing about all the time. I liked that. Only the real extreme worthy that inspired you, none of the slow-news-day shit I can get everywhere else.

  6. rayray says:

    If it is fault-lines, I hope you aren’t obliged to play well with everyone. The editor-in-chief over there has a firm grip on quality-control, I hope he doesn’t tame your fire.

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