Ask Syrian Refugees About Male Privilege

The newly politically correct Canadian government, citing security, will not allow single Syrian men into the country.  Single women are ok though.  Because now even the left is using “terrorism” as its bullshit boogeyman to push its agenda. (source)  Remember when that was just a right-wing thing?  Ah, the good old days.

5 Responses to Ask Syrian Refugees About Male Privilege

  1. CPlatt says:

    But men in the LGBT community are admissible. Which raises the (to me, humorous) possibility of muslim men trying to convince the authorities that they are gay.

    • Dan says:

      Its not humourous at all. Come to an immigration review board appeal at Federal Court next time you are in Ottawa. Or google it. There’s a nice long list of countries .
      “None of your Facebook pics show you with someone of your own sex”

      And no… I can’t make this shit up.

      As for the story at the meta level its just media spin on the prioritization. You know the old “women and. Children first ” riff? Canada isn’t taking all the refugees just 25k in this wave. They aren’t even taking all the “women and childrenfirst” populationt. Just 25k of them, from the population that has been in the refugee camps forever. Instead of believing what the media pre-said before the actual announcement, why not actually read what was said? This is after all a country that did not bow to pressure about potential refugee terrorists. Which puts us up there closer to France than to Texas.

      • “Denied!”
        “None of your Facebook pics show you with someone of your own sex”

        Have you actually seen this happen, or had reliable sources tell you that?

  2. dan says:

    I worked on the appeal to one of them in 2014 I attended one. Hopefully the crown lawyers get new direction now that its 2015

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