Yoga is Cultural Appropriation

Are you fucking shitting me?  A Yoga class for disabled people has been cancelled – because white people.  (source)

I think its high time we have a Yoga class, in blackface, where we eat foie gras, and listen to Ted Nugent.  I hate three of the four of those things, but fuck it… anything to annoy millennial crybabies.

4 Responses to Yoga is Cultural Appropriation

  1. dan says:

    sadly…that’s in my town :( the story is 100% fact-checked, not some random accusation that will disappear tomorrow.
    its blowing up more and more and nobody is retracting

  2. I’m wondering which three of the four of those things you hate…

  3. Yeah, it was a toss-up between you liking foie gras or Ted Nugent. I was pretty sure about the other two. :-)

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