Affirmative Action in Action

This “firefighter” was allowed to graduate from the Academy, despite being woefully unqualified.  But, she did have two overwhelming qualifications:  She had a vagina and she had a critical mass of melanin.  What she did not have was any semblance of the physical ability to do the job.  But, don’t let that get in the way of remedying past discrimination.  Fortunately, 10 days into the job, she broke her foot in a routine equipment check, so at least all the public loses is her $81K a year salary.  (source)

One Response to Affirmative Action in Action

  1. CPlatt says:

    Upon relocating in Arizona I went to join the local volunteer fire department. Civic duty and all that. They were happy to have me, and described what might be involved. After reflecting for a few days, I realized that although it hurt my pride to say so, for physical reasons, I probably couldn’t do everything that was expected of me.

    I went back to the fire department and told them that in an emergency, I couldn’t guarantee to do some of the tasks. They thanked me profusely for being honest (even though I found it quite humiliating) and agreed that they did not want anyone who might fail them in an emergency.

    So simple! And obvious, right?

    Ah but it was a volunteer position. They weren’t paying me $80,000! Maybe that’s what this is really all about. Where else was this woman going to make that kind of money?

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