How you talk to (shitty) journalists

Seymour Hersh rips the ass out of Isaac Chotiner. (source)

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  1. Gary says:

    Perhaps the article and Mr. R’s profundity about “here’s how you treat a shitty journalist,” are a bit obtuse for me; however, it seems that, after reading the interview, Mr. Hersch is the “shitty journalist,” beset with a an unwarranted sense of entitlement. Simply because he’s an award-winning journalist does not give him license to steer the interview away from that which appeared to be Mr. Chotiner’s original premise; i.e., that Mr. Hersch’s story was in some measure, equal parts factual and fanciful. Perhaps if Mr. Hersch were more forthcoming and less egomanical, we would be able to determine whether there is any credence to his underlying premise.

  2. […] Some will like the fact that Hersh was rude to “shitty journalists“. […]

    • Gary says:

      Dear Biueollie –
      Some might also like the fact that some journalists really don’t care about that which they write as long as they receive a byline and are more concerned with their own press clippings than the truth.

  3. I completely agree with the previous comment by Gary. The one who comes across as “shitty” here is Hersch. Chotiner seems perfectly reasonable in his line of questioning and then Hersch flies off the handle because he doesn’t like the (implied) criticism. I think you need to reread this interview, Marc.

  4. TimH says:

    Lete’s see. Mark’s words were “How you talk to (shitty) journalists. Seymour Hersh rips the ass out of Isaac Chotiner.”. He didn’t say which one he regarded as shitty. Yet here we have outrage and defence of IC, based on a large presumption. Don’t want you people in my jury at my trial, thanks.

    • In all fairness, they were right. I regard Chotiner as the shitty one. I thought that was obvious.

      • TimH says:

        In all fairness, I was sure that you were. My point was about people commenting on a *legal* blog getting into hissy fits defending someone they *inferred* you supported the attack against.

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