Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation Proposed!

I’m so glad that I can finally talk about this!

There is federal legislation pending that would enact a nationwide Anti-SLAPP law! I had the privilege of having some input into its content.

The final version is pretty damn good. HERE IT IS!

9 Responses to Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation Proposed!

  1. Jim says:

    Letters sent to both Senators to introduce the same legislation into the Senate and to my Representative to support passage in it’s present form.


  2. OK, how long did you take to come up with “SPEAK FREE”?

  3. dan says:

    when you say pretty damn good, is there anything wrong at all? I couldnt find anything

  4. Dan says:

    Ken White says “tinkering with removal jurisdiction is an unnecessarily aggressive move” and thinks this will set the judiciary to lobby against it. Do you agree?

    • I do not. I think that federalizing defamation law is necessary and proper. We have federalized copyright because it doesn’t make sense for something to be copyright protected in Florida, but not in Oregon. How does it make sense that we would have a blogger publish something in Vermont, but then be subjected to Alabama’s defamation law?

      I think that the removal jurisdiction is the most important component of the law. Get defamation cases out of the hands of fuckhead elected judges in jurisdictions where the contest is really “hire the biggest campaign donor.” The First Amendment needs better insulation than that.

  5. Paul says:

    Do you know what Congressional Committee has this?

  6. bizstarz says:

    A Federal anti-SLAPP law would be great and is way overdue. But unless I missed it, this version only compensates the attorneys. It provides $0.00 for the victims of anti-SLAPP suits. For anti-SLAPP laws to have a real deterrent effect, they should include significant punitive damages for the anti-SLAPP suit victims. For deep-pocketed SLAPP filers, paying legal fees is simply the cost of doing business. And like TDot pointed out, this bill is really badly titled!

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