Job Posting – Paralegal / Legal Secretary

Randazza Legal Group is growing – and we need another paralegal / legal secretary.

The successful candidate must be enthusiastic about working for a firm that does First Amendment Law and international intellectual property law. Candidates must be in Las Vegas or willing to relocate to Vegas.

You must be organized. In fact, really organized, because the boss lacks that quality.

Experience as a paralegal is helpful, but not required. College helps, but is not necessary. Although, if you did go to college and you majored in English or Journalism, please step this way, past the velvet rope, and sit down. You’re going to the VIP lounge of candidates. You know why I like English/Journalism majors? Because usually they can compose a coherent sentence, or guess what word I wrote in some edits that are in my terrible, terrible penmanship.

If you can’t spell or notice typos, you’re not going to last more than a week. Attention to detail really matters. I stop reading when I see the first typo in a letter, and then I tell you to do it again. If you get the letter handed back to you three times, you get a prize! A new job. Somewhere else. I don’t care where. Your job is to make mine easier, not harder.

Send your resume to me with a short cover email. If you are wondering if it is too long, then it is. One page resume only.

If you do not know where to send a resume, that’s too bad. Figuring shit like that out is going to be part of your job. Figure it out.

NOTE: Every time I post a job like this, I get attorneys and recent law grads applying too. I’ll consider JDs for the position, but only if you’re prepared to make a 1-2 year commitment to staying in the support staff ranks. Also, if you’re a JD who thinks “I’m a JD, lah dee freakin dah, I can do a paralegal’s job drunk ” then you’re an idiot. A paralegal’s job is way harder than a first year associate’s job.

12 Responses to Job Posting – Paralegal / Legal Secretary

  1. Adam says:

    “Your job is be to make mine easier, not harder.”

    It’s a good thing you’re the boss, then.

  2. If I wasn’t already committed to my Paralegal internship in TX I would apply.

    Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the next time this gets posted. This would be a dream job.

    To whoever gets this job – You lucky bastard.

  3. Adam says:

    I caught a typo, can I have the job?

    “Your job is be to make mine easier, not harder.”


  4. Angie NK says:

    I guess now I have to ask my husband if he’s willing to move to Vegas.

    • TimH says:

      Angie, if have have to ask your hubbie, you are not assertive enough to get the job anyway…

      • Not necessarily.

      • Angie NK says:

        Well, I don’t know about you, but my marriage is that of two equals. I can’t just decide for both of us that we’re moving across the country. Personally, I’d move to Mars for this job, but I wouldn’t want to have to leave my husband to do so.

        • TimH says:

          Angie – you are right and I was wrong. I sit corrected.

          • Angie NK says:

            I was actually kind of hoping you were joking and would call me out for not being able to take a joke. It’s irrelevant anyway: we couldn’t afford the move. Give me a year or two to save up money and then it might be a possibility. In the mean time, I can subtly work on improving my husband’s opinion of deserts.

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