Home invasions come home to roost

Conservatives (not all of them) loved it when we got tough on “crime.” No knock warrants, militarized police, doors bashed down, homes invaded, it all worked to keep a little Reagan-inspired law and order.

Now a conservative activist finds herself on the ass end of this normalized police abuse. Welcome to the party.

You see, Republicans? This is why you should be pissed off when you see the cops kicking down doors to arrest poor people on suspicion of having a bag of weed in their house. This is why when you see them dragging black people out of their homes and depriving them of their rights under the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments, you should be able to picture yourselves in their one-flip-flop while they are face down on their own lawn in handcuffs.

Welcome to the party. Please stick around, since we are going to need numbers.

4 Responses to Home invasions come home to roost

  1. Adam says:

    The War on Drugs has done far too much damage. If anything else brought that much harm to civil society we’d call for a war on it.

  2. Roxanne Chester says:

    At least the Justice Department might deign to investigate some cases of “legal” home invasion – for instance the case where police bang down the door for a small bag of weed. I’d be willing to bet they are not going to bother to investigate this particular District Attorney. And a government that politicizes justice loses the faith of the electorate (as if it could get worse).

  3. Matthew Cline says:

    How can it possibly be legal to for the government to say “don’t contact your lawyer” to targets of an investigation?

    • Jack says:

      It isn’t, the police involved overstated what the actual order called for. Wisconsin allows for “John/Jane Doe” investigations to essentially conduct an investigation in secret without a Grand Jury and the overseeing judge can issue orders preventing people from disclosing the subject of the investigation or anything about it to the public.

      However, the order can’t prevent you from speaking to your lawyer and that is why none of the people who spoke to a lawyer about it were prosecuted for contempt. The police should not have told people they can’t speak to their lawyers, because they clearly were allowed to.

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