Third Amendment Claim Rejected in D. Nevada

A long time back, I wrote about a Third Amendment claim in Nevada. (source)

A few weeks ago, Judge Gordon rejected the plaintiff’s Third Amendment claim. (source)

5 Responses to Third Amendment Claim Rejected in D. Nevada

  1. dan says:

    Plaintiff still gets claims 1-6 and a few others. So while this becomes less interesting for us, its still a win AFAIK. The judge’s fact summary at the beginning via quite scathing on the behavior being alleged in the suit.

  2. Not Jim Ardis says:

    The list of things that survive dismissal should be causing the officers and anyone else involved (besides the plaintiffs) to shit themselves in terror.

    They should go home and dream of poverty, because it seems like that’s what’s going to happen…

  3. varymydays says:

    Off topic, but you might want to check out Senate Bill 444. They are really going to alter the Nevada anti-SLAPP statute, including getting rid of the $10,000 award for the prevailing party….

  4. markwbennett says:

    The Third Amendment portion of the opinion is thinly reasoned and poorly written: “To both questions, the answer must be no. … Because I hold that municipal officers are not soldiers for the purposes of this question, I need not reach the question of whether the occupation at issue in this case constitutes quartering, though I suspect it would not.”

  5. markwbennett says:

    PS fuck, which makes me log in just to leave a comment on your blog.

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