Update: Dershowitz moves to intervene

Dershowiz moved to intervene. Analysis to follow, but the documents are here:

Motion to Intervene

Declaration of Alan Dershowitz

5 Responses to Update: Dershowitz moves to intervene

  1. dan says:

    I wonder when Buckingham Palace will weigh in?

  2. Tom Stone says:

    Dershowitz didn’t screw Jane Doe# 3, that’s pretty clear.
    But JD#3 and her lawyers certainly fucked Dershowitz in the court of public opinion.
    Here’s hoping for appropriate sanctions, perhaps JD3#’s lawyers should be required to have unprotected sex with Ann Coulter?

    • RTB says:

      I believe Jane Doe #3. Its pretty clear to me that Dershowitz is up to his old tricks of attacking his victims and lying through his green teeth.

  3. Steve says:

    JD #3’s lawyers just sued Dershowitz for defamation. I seriously hope that Dershowitz can back up his claims. I would like to see these plaintiff’s lawyers lose and lose badly.

    • dan says:

      ive read the declaration and affidavit. theres nothing defamatory in it. So I wouldnt worry about this bit. The rest is more important

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