Ben Edelman Apologizes

Remember the Harvard prof who tormented a restaurant over $4? He’s reconsidered his prior position:

“Having reflected on my interaction with Ran, including what I said and how I said it, it’s clear that I was very much out of line,” Edelman wrote. “I aspire to act with great respect and humility in dealing with others, no matter what the situation. Clearly I failed to do so. I am sorry, and I intend to do better in the future. I have reached out to Ran and will apologize to him personally as well.” (source)

Good enough for me. We all fuck up.

2 Responses to Ben Edelman Apologizes

  1. Ian Bagger says:

    The apology was certainly appropriate, and expressed – startlingly – in a refreshingly non-mealy-mouthed way. But I suspect Edelman remains a tool of the lowest order if this is a recurring phenomenon, which, anyway, suggests it might be:

  2. dan says:

    I`m still not over the treble-damages thing in the first place. standing up for principles that don`t apply? This is Massachusets remember? To get treble damages you have to grease the road before pushing grandma under the bus, not just push her. The tort claimed is barely negligence.
    I see no bass is for treble damages in the first place no matter how nice or nasty the dispute was.

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