Julien Blanc Denied Visa to Enter UK – Nothing to Rejoice

I do not think much of Julien Blanc. That much has made its rounds on the internets due to a letter I wrote. I did not release that letter to the public, so I do not want to link to it.

Despite having a very negative opinion of Blanc, I was dismayed to see this — that he has been denied a visa to enter the UK because of his thoughts. (source)

As objectionable as I find Mr. Blanc, I find no justification to deny a guy entry to your country, because you’re afraid that he will speak bad words.

Fuck the UK. For no other reason than they finally went and did something that makes me side WITH Julien Blanc.

9 Responses to Julien Blanc Denied Visa to Enter UK – Nothing to Rejoice

  1. I’m not of the opinion that “all pickup artists are assholes” as some people are. In fact, I taught pickup for a brief time several years ago, and no, it didn’t require calling women whores, grabbing women’s heads as you walk down the street, or anything more than learning how to be a more confident, interesting, fun guy to be around. I was proud of my work in helping people to find relationships and be better men.

    But, I say quite unequivocally: Julien is an asshole. He takes things way too far, and he preys upon insecurities and women’s natural desire to be polite (especially as found in Asian cultures). He does this not even because it’s the most effective way to pick up women, but because it amuses him.

    But banned from a country for his ideas? That’s absolutely stunning and disgraceful. If the man has committed a crime with his shenanigans, he should be charged. If he’s not to be charged, he should not have his freedom to travel restricted. As an American, it is a nice reminder that our freedom of speech is to be treasured, and even countries as “first world” as the UK don’t guarantee it.

    Fucking wankers.

    • senpai71 says:

      Um… the US denies visitor visas ALL THE TIME! If you really think the current state of affairs of our freedom of speech is to be treasured, you’re not aware of how it’s being chipped away at.

      Plus, having grown up in the UK, their freedom of speech is in general as good as or better than in the US.

  2. spodula says:

    While i would normally agree with you here, from what i have seen from the publicity around this, (And here in the UK, there has been a lot of it), He was not banned because his thoughts, he was banned because of his actions, specifically, a video of one of his seminars, where he was encouraging racism and sexual assault where he would expect people to take him seriously.

    Encouraging criminal behavior is definitely illegal in the UK. (I also think its is in the US, but the bar is higher). There is no reason to think he would have moderated his behavior in the UK, and as he isn’t a UK citizen, its up to him to make the assertion that he will.

  3. Well, the US refuses visitor visas for arbitrary reasons every day (reason given to a friend of mine: “you have never traveled outside your country before, so even though you have shown it’s a scheduled, all expenses paid trip by your current employer for business reasons, fuck you”. And they charge you for the privilege of asking.

    I expect refusing entry because Blanc “advocate[s] sexual assault against random women, on the basis that he’s Caucasian, and they’re not” like you said is at least more reasonable than that.

  4. You're wrong says:

    Sorry mate, you have a point, but this guy tells people to commit crimes, violent ones. That is not acceptable, in any way, at all.

  5. James Fletcher says:

    Julien Blanc may certainly be a walking piece of excrement. He also may deserve to be slathered with honey and soaked in meat juice and let loose into Bear territory… However being a bonafide prick of the day should not make him banned from a country.

    I mean seriously! Some of my ideas are fucking out there and I can act like a vicious asshole (usually with consumption of various whiskeys), but that isn’t going to get me banned from *ahem* most *cough* nations.

  6. Phanatic says:

    Marc, the guy’s on video repeatedly assaulting people. Not just telling people to commit crimes, not just *speaking*, but actually engaged in physical assaults of other people. Pretty sure Britain can decide on that basis alone they don’t want him going there. And if I’m some woman in Britain and they let him him, and he grabs my head and forces it towards his crotch, just like he does in his videos, I’d want my government to explain why it let him in.

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