Flori-duh. Thank you, again.

Governor Rick Scott refused to debate Charlie Crist (at least for a while) because Crist had a fan in the podium.

Depending on who you believe, Scott cited a rule that prohibited “electronics” in the podium, or there was a rule that was much more specific, which referred specifically to “fans.”

Just speculating here, but I would imagine that debate rules would prohibit “electronics,” as I could see a candidate getting an unfair advantage with an iPad or cell phone in front of him. To have a rule prohibiting “fans,” just doesn’t make much sense.

If anyone finds a copy of the rules, I would love to see them. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this. One of the worst political blunders I’ve ever seen.

But, this being Flori-duh, I’d imagine that Scott is the one who scored more points with it. Rational people would say that Scott looks petty and stupid. His base in Flori-duh? I’m sure that Larry the Cable Guy and his clones were hollerin’ “Yew stand yer ground, Ricky!

One Response to Flori-duh. Thank you, again.

  1. andrews says:

    Not sure why people would pick on Gov. Scott. How many people do you know who would actually give back some of the money they stole?

    Rick Scott, head of Columbia/HCA, actually personally gave back some of the millions that they stole and the company gave back almost a billion of what they stole as well.

    How much has the governor of YOUR state given back?

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