California Considers “Affirmative Consent” Requirement for Sex at Colleges

The motivation for this law is noble – who doesn’t want college kids to consent before sex?

If SB-967 passes, then California colleges will be required to adopt policies that require “an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision” by each participant. If one of them is silent or expresses no resistance, that’s not enough.

If the accused party wants to claim that there was consent, it won’t fly if the other party was asleep, unconscious, drunk, or on drugs.

“No means no” makes plenty of sense. Some of the bill makes plenty of sense too. But, there is some question as to whether we want to have college administrators acting as rape-investigators. On one hand, this is Law Enforcement’s job. On the other, I’m not exactly sure I’d be confident in the cops doing the best job.

I’d be a lot more comfortable with something like this if it had provisions to protect the falsely accused — and yes, that’s a thing.

5 Responses to California Considers “Affirmative Consent” Requirement for Sex at Colleges

  1. CPlatt says:

    Clearly the only safe way to interact with any human being is if you record everything on video. This especially applies in daycare centers, classrooms, dealings with the police, supposedly-consensual sex, and probably marriages too. It will make everything so much simpler.

    • Vullsain says:

      Clarification. The only safe way for a male to interact with a female is to record everything on video.

      I know a detective who works the sex crimes division in a major metropolitan area where they spend well over 90% of their time weeding out lies and false accusations.Tepid responses to unjust sexist legislation is what we will get from the MSM, politicians, law enforcement and the legal community. How about if you knowingly lie about being raped you go to prison.How about we fight sexist legislation that would convict the male of a sex crime when a male and female get drunk and have sex.Amazing how feminism went from ideals of equality to this sort of sexist, women never accountable philosophy. What’s next, consensual sex without a condom becomes a rape charge against the man like in Sweden.

  2. So once you have the signature you can do whatever you like and claim you had full consent? There going to be tick boxes next to every action? Initials next to oral and anal?

  3. Governor Moonbeam has signed SB 967. The repentant free-love hippies have put an end to the unregulated sexual behavior of their grandchildren. “Who Wants Free Love Anyway? A Play in One Act.” —

    • Charles Platt says:

      One advantage (maybe the only advantage) of age is that it allows perspective. From 1970 through to the present time, I have watched the erosion of all rights and liberties that used to be available to young people. I don’t know whether this is because parents have smaller families now, so, they are more protective of their children; or whether it’s just the age-old phenomenon of the older generation being jealous of those who are enjoying the gift of youth. But I think it’s horrible.

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