Prostitutes the Prophet Would Love?

According to Alba Waba, there is a loophole in Islam that allows “Halal Hookers.” The loophole is Nikāḥ al-Mutʿah (Arabic: نكاح المتعة‎), which is a “temporary marriage,” where the duration of the marriage is pre-determined, and the dowry pre-set, and the husband can give the wife money, if he wants. (source)

Unfortunately, it is bullshit.

3 Responses to Prostitutes the Prophet Would Love?

  1. Jay Wolman says:

    It’s not so much bs as it is an impracticable working model. It requires the prostitute to abstain for 5-8 weeks on average after a session. Thus, the fee would have to be enormous and the brothel would have to have a large stable of women to accomplish this.

  2. anonsters says:

    It’s not bullshit so much as a tendentious interpretation of نكاح المتعة‎ (hereinafter “NM”). That NM is essentially legitimized prostitution is indeed one of the charges Sunni scholars (Sunnis unanimously rejecting NM) level at Shi’a for their (Shi’a) justification of NM. But of course, to equate, full stop, NM with “halaal prostitution” is to take a side on the issue (the Sunni one). Nevertheless, their description of what’s involved in NM is generally in the ballpark of truth.

  3. Sounds like you’ve thought this through. How many women would one need and how high would the fee have to be? Because last I checked there are a lot of women in this world and a lot of men with a lot of money. Let’s say I want to pull in $250,000 a year managing this place. Let’s also presume it’s in my interest to have my workers making a decent wage. So let’s pay them like they work for the government and not Walmart or a bank.

    We’ll also need Halal birth control, so let’s make sure we don’t get them Hobby Lobby health insurance. Also, I am not interested in converting to Islam, but I will if I have to in order to keep my business winton sharia law.

    Run the number, get back to me. I’ve got some money to invest. We can do this! I’m mostly interested in being a silent partner.

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