The Star Spangled Banner in Minor Key

This seems much more appropriate than the original. It conveys the fact that everything it once stood for is dead. Especially the “land of the free, home of the brave” line. We are neither.

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  1. blueollie says:

    “It conveys the fact that everything it once stood for is dead.”

    Just a thought: this country is freer than it once was: think civil rights, women’s rights, more religious tolerance….I haven’t seen anything like the WWII era “placing Americans of Japanese descent into concentration camps”.

    I think that we have an over romanticized memory of the past.

    • madrocketscientist says:

      I’ll keep that in mind the next time I hear about how many minority youth languish in prison over possession of a plant, or how the NSA spies on everything, or how it’s tragic that grandma (or a small child) was assaulted/killed in a police raid because someone who once lived there sold pot and the officers weapon misfired, but no one did anything wrong & Whoopee! Medals all around!

      • blueollie says:

        Uh, at what time in the history of the US did stuff like this NOT happen?

        • madrocketscientist says:

          Well, the NSA did not always exist, and has only recently acquired the ability to data mine every communication.

          Being arrested & incarcerated for years for plant matter is also a relatively recent thing (since the 60’s, I believe). As is the damaging felony record that follows you for the rest of your life (used to be you did your time, you became a citizen again).

          And military style police raids becoming commonplace, also recent (1980s, I believe). Cops in schools arresting kids since Columbine.

          I can go on.

  2. Rob says:

    I could so hear that as part of a movie trailer for some apocalyptic disaster movie.

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