“Female Privilege”

I generally can’t stand critical race / gender theorist types who whine about “privilege.”  Yeah, there are advantages to being whatever the fuck you are.  There’s a time and a place when being a transgendered Azerbaijani will come in handy (although probably less often than being a white guy in America).  Accordingly, I don’t subscribe to the views in this piece on “female privilege,” but it does lay bare the whiny shit you read on pseudo-feminist blogs that cry about “male privilege” in order to end conversations that aren’t going their way.  

Although I will side with the “I hate my dad” crowd, if they want to put a cactus up the ass of the douchebag who wrote this crap.

6 Responses to “Female Privilege”

  1. blueollie says:

    Ah, the second one was kind of funny too, though the other side is the moron who passed over plainer looking women for “babes”. In the love game, we tend to get what we deserve.

  2. dan says:

    whiny on either side is well….unproductive at best?

  3. […] far as the love game, Randazza doesn’t like this post but I see the post as […]

  4. Jim says:

    You read both of those? All the way through? Jeez!

  5. alpha4centauri says:

    It’s cute but he’s out of touch on the one about being favored in college admissions. Because there are so many more female applicants, males are given preference to preserve some semblance of gender balance. Despite being at a disadvantage, women accept it as necessary, since if they wanted to go to all-female schools, they wouldn’t apply to coeducational ones.

  6. Ironically, the first piece seems to reveal more about the “a butthurt fedora-wearing neckbeard who can’t get any” guy who wrote it than about the subject. Lol.

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