Natural Selection in Action!  

Once more, with feeling…. I will NOT listen to clergy members (at least if they tell me to let a hyena eat my balls)


2 Responses to Natural Selection in Action!  

  1. AlphaCentauri says:


    This may come as a surprise to you, as you do not know me. My name is MR. CHAMENGENI ZULU. I have come into possession of $TWo MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND USD as a result of an act of great religious faith which I have performed.

    In my country ZAMBIA the government officials are very corrupt and wish to CONFISCATE my FUNDS to pay hospital bills after a tragic accident I suffered in which I lost my manhood. I need a trusted business partner to move these funds out of my country. I came across your email address in a list of the MOST GOD-FEARING PEOPLE in the USA and I now come to you for help.

    In exchange for your valued assistance, we will split the money, 50-50. Please respond to this email with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND BANK ACCOUNT ROUTING INFORMATION. Because this arrangement is all legal and above-board please also include your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

    I trust you will keep this business transaction in the strictest confidence.

  2. Allison Williams says:

    No amount of money will tempt me to do that.

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