“Your Papers Please” hits Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan went for a walk in Long Branch, New Jersey. An old white guy walking around a hispanic neighborhood looked “suspicious,” so a cop demanded to see his ID. When he couldn’t produce it, she detained him until his story checked out. (source)

5 Responses to “Your Papers Please” hits Bob Dylan

  1. Charles Platt says:

    It probably didn’t help that his real name is Zimmerman.

  2. Jay Wolman says:

    In other July 2009 news, Serena Williams wins Wimbledon.

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  4. Maybe she was getting ready to arrest him for plagiarism? Wasn’t 2009 about the time when that album came out? The one where he ripped off all his lyrics.

  5. Jack says:

    I spent my early years in Long Branch and went to college in West Long Branch, NJ. My father build many of the LBPD police officers houses and even employed many of the officers when they were young and new to the force making a low salary. This sounds JUST like them. Yes, Long Branch has its fair share of violent crime (one of the guys working for my dad shot and killed 2 armed robbers with machine guns holding up a Fridays) and there are gangs that operate there – but they are notorious for harassing people “out of place.”

    One of my best friend’s dad was a corporal for the LBPD and his daughter had to call him up to come help her out when one of his officers was harassing her, trying to search her car, and threatening to arrest them when she was driving around with my girlfriend at the time. She was pulled over for “crossing the yellow line” coming out of a bad area of town. If they are harassing their boss’s kids, imagine what it must be like for the rest of us mere mortals…

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