Kids these days…. (students destroy NSA recruiters)

This audio is 12 minutes long. I usually don’t have 12 spare minutes to listen to audio recordings unless someone is paying me to do so. I got sucked into this, and it was some of the most uplifting 12 minutes I’ve had in recent years.

University of Wisconsin students showed up to an NSA recruiting session and verbally kicked the living shit out of the NSA recruiters. Audio here.

3 Responses to Kids these days…. (students destroy NSA recruiters)

  1. farmerc says:

    This has been edited. I do not support the actions of the NSA or their ramifications on constitutional law but I do not think that the statements made by these recruiters represent official policy. If anything I felt bad for the recruiters. They do not control the actions of the agency they represent.

  2. methylamine says:

    Yes, I’m sure their feeeeeelings were hurt; and, in the modern parlance, “that’s not OK!” Boo-hoo.

    Meanwhile, they’re parasitic tax-feeding thugs who’re dancing around vomiting out the usual bureaucratic putrescence while their colleagues violate every natural law and the Constitution.

    “They do not control the actions of the agency they represent.”

    But if they had any moral qualms–hell, any morality at all–they would not represent that agency.

    I am flabbergasted at how calm, rational, and on-point those kids remained. I’m a little ashamed that, had I the opportunity to speak to NSA-thugs, I’d have been frothing at the mouth and likely incoherent with rage at the evil they represent.

    I’ve learned from kids twenty years my juniors.

  3. 12 minutes well spent. These students give me renewed hope for the next generation that refuse to blindly kowtow to imperial thugs who depend on an implied appeal to authority justification for their continued erosion of our Natural rights. The junior NSA recruiters (low-level mouthpieces) were wholly ill-equipped to address the students’ well-reasoned arguments and questions. Characteristically, the NSA propaganda stooges lapsed into the bureaucratic blind-follower explanation that we don’t set policy, we just follow orders drivel.

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