Rakofsky v. The Internet – LINK FIXED

The long saga of Rakofsky v. The Internet is over (at least for now). The Order is here.

Stay tuned, I’d imagine that there will be an appeal.

The order is a bit soft, but the findings of fact are devastating.

9 Responses to Rakofsky v. The Internet – LINK FIXED

  1. dan says:

    well that was a good read. No mention was made of the original murder case judge’s comments about possible bar sanctions. did that issue die on the vine?

  2. senpai71 says:

    I dunno. You were very mean to that poor inexperienced lawyer…

    • dan says:

      Randazza is in a right-to-meanness state

      • BCP says:

        But…FEELINGS! Feelings are very important. Why can’t we all just recognize that protection of feelings is the highest an most important use of government. It is well known that every single individual’s wants and psychological needs are worthy of protection; not just non-interference, but protection.

        And I promise if you elect met I will put a stop to all those bad people who think differently than you and have the gall to say so in a public sphere. Those people are terrible; but you are good. I support YOU; I don’t support THOSE PEOPLE. Vote for ME.

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  4. AlphaCentauri says:

    Ironically, if the judge had considered Rakofsky more competent and experienced, he might have imposed sanctions for pursuing the case anyway.

  5. […] week he lost — a judge granted motions to dismissed his case. That represented two major victories last week for Marc Randazza, who not only represented many […]

  6. Raul says:

    Oh my, I just learned of this. Congrats on kicking this dipshit’s ass.

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