9th Circuit rules – Righthaven is dead, finally. Righthaven v. Hoehn

The order speaks for itself – and here it is.

7 Responses to 9th Circuit rules – Righthaven is dead, finally. Righthaven v. Hoehn

  1. Mario Cerame says:

    Grats and nice job.


  2. Duderino says:


  3. Louis Levy says:

    Superb. Nice work.

  4. Steve says:

    A friend of mine had his website threatened (sued?) by Righthaven and I’ve taken it, as his friend, to keep him and his 5000+ members apprised each time you take a bite out of these fuckers.

    Thank you.

  5. evrenseven says:

    Question: 1) Why did Righthaven do it this way, and not merely represent the newspapers on a contingent fee basis?

    2) Is there any conceivable way this could work? Had the rights owners conveyed ALL rights to RH, and RH granted back an exclusive license to each of the (now former) rights owners and a transfer back clause, would it have worked then (fair use aside)?

  6. Michael Leon says:


    And all the best to Marc, Jay and Co.

    Your work is not just suprelative legal services; standing up for a veteran like Wayne Hoehn is a service in itself.

    My parting thought is regret that the a slime like Shawn Mangano still is practicing as an attorney. Think some ethical sanctions are imperative.

  7. […] last week for Marc Randazza, who not only represented many lawbloggers in Rakofsky's case, but also crushed infamous copyright troll Righthaven on appeal. This will not make him any easier to live […]

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