Elijah Young: Mormon

And you thought Mormons weren’t cool.

4 Responses to Elijah Young: Mormon

  1. Natalia says:

    Thank you, Marc. I always resisted buying those sweatpants with “Juicy” and “Sexy” and “Big Hot Mama” written across the ass. But this truly is a sign from God. I’m on my way to Victoria’s Secret -STAT!

  2. Ancel De Lambert says:

    Is.. is this real? This guy’s a troll, right? This is satire. There’s no way someone could really be this, he would have to be doofier and more clueless than Romney, and I don’t think the meter drops that low.

    • MKC says:

      I am pretty sure it’s satire–I was so drawn in, though, that I scoured mormon.org/people to see whether he was listed. :)

  3. Bruno Giorgi says:

    Aside from all the nutty things that come out of this guy, Joseph Smith was a predator and so is this guy. He should be arrested as a potential molester.

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