The Truth About John Lennon

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  1. I lost touch with my very best mate because of his Yoko. She was the worst, and I’m sure he knows exactly what poor John Lennon put up with.

    Hell, he (my mate) had at least four threats that she’d kill herself (that is, four threats before I manned up and told him what sort of harridan I thought she really was and we didn’t speak again). And in front of all of his friends and family, she threatened again because she wanted him not to dance with his sister or mum. I’m not kidding. This was after dropping two kids on him (both caesarians because she ‘was busy’ and didn’t want all the pain and screaming).

    And he thinks the sun shines out of her arse. Or some other hellhole down there.

    That’s what happens when you think with your willy.

  2. CPlatt says:

    Well I hate to spoil a good rant but the way in which the voiceover concealed the original music made me a little .. suspicious. The original video is here: And the Ono intrusions (there are two of them) last about 5 seconds each. You can barely hear them. The alleged reaction shot of Chuck Berry’s face with his eyes giving “that look” was not actually a reaction shot; it was taken from later in the video, probably when he missed one of the chord changes (he could barely play his guitar at this point in his life, as becomes painfully obvious at the end of the song). Thanks for sharing, and I had a good time with it, but the guy who made the new voiceover tampered with the evidence. And I know how you legal guys feel about evidence tampering….

    • J DeVoy says:

      That sound was pretty distinct. Attention whoring at its zenith.

    • Er, I don’t know which video you were watching, Charles, but I snorted tea all over my keyboard when she picked up the microphone and yammered whatever the hell it was that was in her empty little head – to the exclusion of the band – and Chuck Berry’s face (@ 01:21) was as surprised as any professional’s when something goes unexpectedly- and horribly – wrong!

      I found it symbolic as well, hearing Yoko’s bongo mute the actual drum kit all the way through – oh, except where she took the mike herself to screech and yammer.

      What a terrible experience for poor Mr Berry… And for John Lennon, I would think.

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Chuck Berry’s room after that little act.

  3. CPlatt says:

    As for nightmare woman, I confess I have had several myself. I have known from the weary, pained looks of my friends, and their subsequent expressions of relief when the relationships ended. But getting obsessed with someone who is bad news is no different from any other addiction. It feels … so … good! For a while at least.

  4. jdgalt says:

    Thanks for straightening us out, but this rant needed to be said.

    Imagine all the monkeys,
    flying out my butt!

  5. Roy Warden says:

    Too bad “SHE” didn’t talk all that Indian mysticism seriously. she was a prime candidate for the practice of suttee. The world would have been a far better place!

    • She wouldn’t need to do a thing, Roy… I’m pretty certain there would be a line around the block of music lovers with petrol and matches. It would have to be in a soundproof room, though.

      • Roy Warden says:

        Yes, YES, YES! Apparently, one of Yoko’s “art projects” was an inverted telescope where you had to climb up a ladder to look into the “big end” of the telescope. Whereupon you could see the following word:


        How profound!

  6. markkernes says:

    Y’know, I’ve heard a lot of people talking shit about Yoko over the years, but the fact is, she was a fairly talented artist, just not a very good singer/musician. She obviously loved John and he loved her, else they would not have done so much together—and they did a lot, much more than could possibly be explained by Lennon’s love of pussy. Besides, at that point in his career, he could have had his choice of half the women on the planet. I once had a book authored by Yoko; I think it was called Grapefruit, and it wasn’t bad (if memory serves). So all the assholes who think she was a weight around his neck are simply wrong.

    • CPlatt says:

      “Grapefruit” was what got Lennon interested in her originally. He wrote about it. The problems started with crazy obsessive stuff like moving her bed into the recording studio when she was recuperating from a car accident. Geoff Emerick, who was the engineer on many of the recordings, describes that in some detail in his autobiography.

    • J DeVoy says:

      This is more or less accurate. Lennon was big enough that if Yoko really were a burden and albatross ’round his neck, he could have dumped her and replaced her hundreds if not thousands of times over. The problem is that he was so enthralled with (and pussywhipped by) her that it trampled his judgment and until-then-successful vision, and he succumbed to her weird art school shit.

      This isn’t to say Yoko isn’t talented; I’m not qualified to evaluate art. Clearly, though, she lacked the knack for commercial success Lennon had through the Beatles. Once he let her override that, there was no return for the Beatles or their success. In a way, it was Lennon being a needy, pathetic beta that killed the Beatles, rather than Yoko.

      • CPlatt says:

        I’m not happy about the word “pathetic.” From my miscellaneous readings, it seems as if he suffered from separation anxiety to an extreme degree. Anxiety is a chemical imbalance that can be very difficult to resolve. As a therapist once told me, “For some people, that which does not kill me, does *not* make me stronger. Just the reverse.”

        From a ,musical standpoint, I have much bigger problems with the other three of the fab four.

  7. Admin says:

    She is the only Beatle or Beatle spouse with #1 hits on the Dance charts

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