“Sir, please turn off your cell phone.”

“Sir, please turn off your cell phone” might finally be a thing of the past. (source).

You know why you should turn off your cell phone in flight? Because it sucks the battery life out of it as it looks for a tower for a couple of hours.

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  1. alpha4centauri says:

    My family found out the same thing while vacationing in a remote hilly area with zero cell phone reception. Our batteries drained very quickly.

  2. dan says:

    antennas are fairly omnidirectional (with the exception of sheilding for against those directly below. x miles up or x miles across, they don’t care. (not that I or anyone I know ever deliberately or accidentally left a cell phone on during a flight). back in the analog days, cells were 25km wide but if you were up high enough you could hook up with a tower over 100km away.

  3. blueollie says:

    The main reason for not allowing cell phones on flights is to keep the passengers from killing each other. Flying is stressful enough without having a whole cabin of people trying to out yell each other. :-)

    • Oh, I firmly believe that you should NEVER be allowed to converse on a cell phone in flight. I liked the old phones in the back of the seat — you could make a call, but it cost $5.00 a minute. You made calls when you had to, but didn’t yap on the thing about your cat.

      • dan says:

        so no phones on buses or trains either? or in restaurants or other public places?

        • blueollie says:

          Some trains have “quiet cars”. Restaurants: you can eat quickly and leave or you can walk in, not like what you see, and leave. With the plane you are more or less trapped. And you can’t just get up and change seats; it is a whole different situation .

  4. darkvision says:

    I just figured i would point out a few things from a geeky/nerd perspective.(side note just found this blog, loving it)

    The frequencies that the radio signals on a plane operate on are completely different bands than say a cell phone, in other words they can NOT interfere. even a cellphone jammer would do nothing to the communications of a plane.

    The EMI(ElectroMagnetic Interference) that all electronic devices give off is minimal, in order to potentially mess with signals traveling in wires on a plane you would need something along the lines of a house hold generator(what do you mean i cant have this as my carry on?! its not in the case!). However even in this case the chances of something like that that causing a issue with the planes equipment is very minimal.

    In other words having your devices powered off(such as your mp3 player) IS a (no other word for it) idiotic move. However that does NOT mean that you shouldn’t stow away your gear/book/generator for take off and landing. The vast majority of accidents occur during takeoff and landing, hell their is even a 12% accident rate while still on the ground!(http://www.planecrashinfo.com/cause.htm). That being said objects that are not put away into a bag/seat pocket/your pocket become flying missiles when something goes wrong that can injure or even KILL someone else.

    In closing the state of device does not matter, the LOCATION does, for your safety as well as the other passengers.

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