“Honor is everything here” … on this day in 1943

This is just an amazing story.

One Response to “Honor is everything here” … on this day in 1943

  1. Whew. Between SOCNET and the various WWII stories starting to appear, it seems there’s more honour amongst the military than many liberals dare to imagine.

    Speaking as one myself, in general, all men are cunts.

    Why would you not want to tell your comrades that you could have killed someone but didn’t? Answer : Testosterone. Bravado. Fear of seeming human. Real soldiers understand. Only Hollywood heroes – who’ve never held a human being as they died in their arms – would ridicule someone saving a life, even their enemy’s.

    Testosterone and Christianity. Humanity’s pyrethrum. Or cyanide, if you prefer.

    Sorry, I’m so over xmas insanity, I needed to read the article and smile a bit. I’m back to normal now. Grrrrr. Bah Humbug! That’s better!

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