A smart thing jesus allegedly said

wtf jesus

6 Responses to A smart thing jesus allegedly said

  1. CPlatt says:

    You could argue that getting crucified was really the high point in Jesus’s life. I mean, would anyone have remembered him otherwise? For him, as a martyr, I think it was like winning the lottery.

    So I’m betting if he came back, he’d be pretty happy to see all those crosses. He might be annoyed with all the hearsay in the New Testament, though. Celebrities just hate it when biographers get the facts wrong.

  2. A♠ says:

    That’s a Bill Hicks bit from 1992-1993.

  3. LabRat001 says:

    Eddie Izzard?

  4. Duderino says:

    Bill Hicks. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Denis Leary didn’t try to steal it.

  5. jaxkayaker says:

    Bill Hicks is correct.

  6. I think Mr. Christ would be more than “pissed”. After all, they got more than “some facts” wrong! He’d be “Where’s Marco Randazza’s phone number? Those bastards just made shit up and blamed me for it! And everything I *did* say was taken out of context, twisted, and used against the people I wanted to talk to! Where’s my freedom of speech?”

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