Yard Sale Clothes at Urban Outfitters. Why not just steal/share them?

Urban Outfitters selling garage sale clothes to hipsters for huge markups. (source) Good for Urban Outfitters. Dumb for Williamsburgonians.

I don’t understand why they don’t just steal the clothes from the yard sales and then drive away. If the garage sale proprietor only gets their license plate number, they can never actually ever be caught. It is impossible to prove who was driving the car, especially if you borrow someone else’s car. After all, a car license tag number is not a person, thus, you can NEVER prove who was driving the car.

Of course, if you do get caught, just say you were not “stealing,” you were “sharing.”

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  1. G Thompson says:

    Oh wow.. Just wow.

    This guy is either a practicing solipsist (he’s not sure he even exists) has been smoking too much of the really good stuff.. or both

    I mean I’m the first to tell people that IP addresses don’t mean much evidentially on there own, but that doesn’t mean they are not a great starting point for further good discovery and investigative techniques. Same as a car plate/tag shows the vehicle was there and upon balance the owner was most likely to be driving or, unless stolen which, would know who was driving. Which means they could.. I dunno.. be maybe questioned in a formal manner perhaps with the onus on them to prove what any reasonable person would otherwise suspect.. Well that’s if they exist, or the car even exists or these electrons you are reading exist… *snort*

  2. This reminds me of a law school/ bar-prep question where guy A buys a painting from guy B. Guy A, having knowledge of the subject, knows the painting is worth say $1 million, and guy B has no idea of the painting’s value. Guy A does not tell guy B the actual value or that he is knowledgeable about the subject, but A buys the painting for $5. Remember that one?

    • I’m not sure how it applies here… care to elaborate?

      • “Guy A” is Urban Outfitters who buys the yard-sale clothes from Guy B’s yard-sale. It could be interpreted as a contract or sale in which one party has taken unfair advantage of his superior information, assuming Guy A/Urban Outfitters knows that, for example, the jeans he is buying at the yard-sale for ten-cents will sell for $200 and that guy B/yard-saler doesn’t know the sales value of the jeans nor that Guy A is an “expert” of sorts from Urban Outfitters. In real life, it probably does not make any difference, but it’s an interesting issue to explore theoretically.

  3. A cherry says:

    I don’t understand what yard sale clothes at Urban Outfitters has to do with stealing them, nor what license plates have to do with it. There are also some serious errors in your logic regarding stealing vs. copying. The whole post makes very little sense.

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