New ‘Faces of Meth’

By J. DeVoy

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office originated the widely known “Faces of Meth.”  Eight years later, there are new faces in town.  And they’re not for the squeamish.

7 Responses to New ‘Faces of Meth’

  1. Charles Platt says:

    I hope this is not being suggested as an argument for the continued illegal status of methamphetamines. We could just as well see a “Faces of Alcohol” page. And then there are the well-known pictures of lungs after tobacco smoke. The law should at least be consistent. Plus, of course, the “faces of meth” have occurred despite meth being illegal, and despite restrictions on buying Pseudophed OTC. Maybe a different approach is needed.

  2. Meth is an FDA approved drug for weight loss and ADHD. Because, you know, it’s safe. Marijuana on the other hand…

  3. Shotgunner says:

    The chick on the right below the dead lady is most likely not the same person. The graphic indicates she should have a “gaunt underweight appearance”. From age 27 –> age 30 she seems to have become a burn victim. Her skin is wavey like that of a burn victim plus her heck is thick as her skull. If she were a methhead she would be skinnier as the rest are. Add to all of this her hairline is much farther down her forehead closer to her eyebrows and this is most likely not the same person.

    No matter what, she does not belong on this poster to illustrate meth use.

    • alpha4centauri says:

      I noticed the same. I suspect she’s included because she survived a meth lab accident or something, but there should have been some explanation.

      Denial is part of addiction. These people continued to use the meth and to up their dosage, despite what must have been a miserable existence trying to claw the spiders out from under their skin while having an aversion to foods they used to love. The best way to reduce the toll of meth use is to educate non-users about the late effects before they become addicts themselves. Their first introduction to the drug will likely be from a fresh-faced school friend who is using it to be able to party hard while getting good grades, so just having some authority figure tell them it’s bad doesn’t work. They have to see enough to be able to decide for themselves.

  4. V.E.G. says:

    Meth is Death! I hope they have to repeat that in 100 languages!

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