How’s Life LOL

By J. DeVoy

From the “five minutes of alpha > five years of beta” file, today we have a young woman who serially harassed her on-again, off-again boyfriend and ultimately ran over his mother. (Source)  If you’ve seen or remember the movie Fear, think of that, but with the genders reversed.

In September, an unnamed 25-year-old dumped Elizabeth Segundo McClain for good.  She did not take it well, calling him up to 750 times in a single day, while constantly texting him.  Two surprises here: 1) this happened in Austin, Texas, rather than Florida or the rust belt; 2) she’s actually not bad looking (although it may be a different story below the neck). (Source)

The ex-boyfriend tried changing his number, getting restraining orders – a laughably ineffective mechanism to prevent harassment that serves a purpose more imaginary than real – and avoidance.  McClain doubled down, finding ways to keep contacting her ex, and threatening physical harm against him and his family.  On one occasion, she even put sugar in his gas tank.  McClain’s harassment ultimately spread to his mother as well, calling her up to 180 times during the weekend after Thanksgiving. (Source)

On November 26, McClain ran over her ex’s mother.  While the attack was not (yet) fatal, it obviously caused serious injuries.  McClain, apparently in a great rush to tell her ex of her conquest, sent him 50 blank text messages, and then finally told him she had run over his mother.  As the reality of the situation set in for the stunned ex-boyfriend, McClain followed up in true /b/ fashion, “how’s life, lol”. (Source)

Apparently, even the attractive (at first glance) ones are violent-crazy these days.  However, the unnamed protagonist had a few ways to avoid this. First, he could have used Google Voice, or a series of Google Voice numbers, which are optimal for changing and abandoning when necessary.  He could have used a fake name.  He could have just dated foreign girls who don’t have these problems.  Instead, he decided to have an honest, legitimate relationship at some point, with McClain coming to know his family members and apparently even have their phone numbers – the wages of which were insanity.

19 Responses to How’s Life LOL

  1. Sounds like she’s related to John McClain, the protagonist in the “Die Hard” documentary series. LOL

    Can’t wait to hear what you think the “ugly” ones are capable of! Mind you, I’d be taking my own advice and getting the fake name and phone number if I were you… Just sayin’.

  2. John David Galt says:

    She’ll probably get off scot-free or even successfully sue the victim for hurting her precious feelings. This is what we can all expect to see more of under VAWA.

    Leftist “diversity” doesn’t really include everybody.

    • D506 says:

      To suggest that women getting away with violence is somehow the new normal because of a handful of one off cases while ignoring the 10s of thousands of men who get away with domestic violence and rape every year is, frankly, fucking stupid.

      A little intellectual honesty wouldn’t hurt.

      • J DeVoy says:

        But what of the men who go to jail because of false rape claims? your own intellectual honesty needs some reevaluation.

        • D506 says:

          I need to break it down to make sure I’m following this right:

          John suggests men are usually victims and women usually get away with violence. To back this, he suggests this one crazy chick won’t get jail time. Which we don’t even know yet. I’m betting she will, but let’s assume she doesn’t.

          I counter that stupid argument with the very real fact that rape and domestic abuse cases rarely ever put anyone in jail. And that those are (99% of the time) committed by men. And that there are hundreds of thousands of them yearly.

          And you want to counter that with ‘but sometimes men who didn’t do anything get accused of it!’ as some sort of poor men argument? And you cite a blog full of anecdotes to back that up? A handful of bad rape accusations, in the actual sea (200,000+) of rapes every year? Of which like 90%+ of the (99% male) rapists usually walk away from without a day in jail?

          Really? That’s your intellectually honest argument about why you’re the victim? Maybe you should man up and admit that shitty things happen to both sexes rather than supporting John’s “I’m the victim” ideology he’s trying to force this case to fit.

        • David Aubke says:

          How is this a response to D506’s comment? It doesn’t address his point. JDG’s suggestion that women are now regularly able to commit violent crimes with impunity is patently false and you back it up with the implication of another unrelated but equally false (yes, I read your proof offered by the Bavarian PD) assumption – that women are regularly lying about being raped.

          • J DeVoy says:

            Hi there. I live in reality, how are you? In the real world, women get away with whatever they want, whenever they want, at all times. Want to steal half of someone’s assets? Call it a divorce. Their children? Same. I don’t know how much you’ve had interactions with the criminal bar, or law enforcement, or the world at large, but the reality is that women get away with – or get the mildest conceivable slap on the wrist – for the most heinous of crimes all the time (although they’re generally less criminal than men). Just one of countless examples over the years:

            You’re free to stop being willfully blind whenever you please.

            • Matt says:

              “In the real world, women get away with whatever they want, whenever they want, at all times.”

              Divorce is a way for women to steal half of someone’s (read: a man’s) assets and children?

              There’s no way to objectively prove blatant misogyny wrong, so there’s no point in arguing in this post anymore.

            • David Aubke says:

              You dismiss D506 for saying “man up” but then reply to me with no substance, only snot-nosed condescension and yet another link to a fringe site? Tell me about the world at large after you’ve got a few more decades under your belt.

              I’m still wondering how the fact that some women have inappropriately accused men of rape reinforces the notion that they are constantly getting away with violent crimes.

            • J DeVoy says:

              Have you met any divorced people? I’ve only met one who wouldn’t describe getting served with divorce papers, sometimes paying her legal bills, having to beg and grovel to see their children, and losing at least half their monthly income in addition to their accumulated assets (child support is separate in many states and can push the monthly tribute to around 50% of gross) as nothing short of rape.

              The one who it ended well for? He’s a millionaire now, and got the money from his wife in the split. But it still cost him his dog.

            • J DeVoy says:

              David, how old are you? That may explain/forgive your ignorance of the realities of how risky marriage is for the 40-and-under crowd.

            • David Aubke says:

              How does the fact that women sometimes “cry rape” reinforce the notion that they’re constantly getting away with violent crime?

    • Matt says:

      VAWA has been on the books, and enforced, for 18 years. Both sexes go to jail for running people over with cars, most of the time.

      Just some facts that are important.

  3. SharealittleSunshine says:

    I read stories like this and am reminded that there are worse things than growing old and dying alone.

  4. Frére Jacque, it *is* a bit of s-t-r-e-t-c-h to go from one batshit crazy bitch like ‘Bam Bam Betty’ in the story, who obviously watched “Fatal Attraction” one too many times, to “women always get away with murder”.

    And to be honest, the weird and wonderful sites you propose as support are a bit “shaky” in the “applies to all women everywhere” department. But hey, you can say anything you want on the internet (as long as you don’t say it about the Saltsmans).

    Of course, I can’t remember the last time I read of a _guy_ in a broken relationship running over his mother-in-law with a vehicle to ‘impress’ his ex enough to come back to him like our Lizzy did!

    But the Elizabeth McClains tend to be the exceptions, rather than the rule. And any bloke stupid and desperate enough to sign a pre-nup deserves to lose everything, not just half. That’s not a marriage, that’s a bonding ceremony.


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