Lawyer disbarred over falsified tax returns to get financial aid

If true, this guy is a complete piece of shit. Bruce Paul Golden, a former partner at McDermott, Will & Emery, who has been practicing law since 1969, submitted falsified tax returns to get $25,000 in financial aid to send his kid to private school. (Source). For $25K, he got disbarred.

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  1. alpha4centauri says:

    Professionals willing to sacrifice their licenses/careers/selves for money often are feeding addictions of some sort.

    • Babettchen says:

      Addiction … to a grotesquely inflated sense of entitlement?

      • alpha4centauri says:

        It sounds like one of his clients was accused of securities fraud and his law firm was one of the defendants in the $120 million class action suit. Whatever the facts were regarding his responsibility in the case and other firm responsibilities, his partners eventually demanded his resignation. He agreed to the initial severance package but then sued them, claiming his removal from the firm was improper. Quoting the opinion:
        “Around the time that Golden signed the severance agreement, he was having personal problems.   He had just lost a lawsuit concerning a major defect in a house he had bought.   His wife’s employer had died, and, as a result, she also was out of work.   Golden sought counseling.   He says that the mental health professional reported that the termination had left Golden ‘paranoid,’ ‘fragmented,’ having ‘major depression, recurrent’ and as ‘dysfunctional’ with ‘chaos reigning supreme.'”

        “Chaos reigning supreme” is a pretty strong statement from a professional describing a patient.

  2. Observerwwtdd says:

    At least he saved himself some money….times are hard…..

  3. I’ve just finished reading the Hearing Board’s report on Bruce Golden… Unless I’m totally misreading it, his actions as portrayed there are strikingly similar to the way Truthers or anti-vacciners act when they’re hauled before a public court. Crystal Cox is another name that springs to mind reading all the repetitions and strange defenses.

    Could anyone tell me if it looks like he’s really gone off the rails, or are the shenanigans documented in the report more-or-less typical of a legitimate lawyer under severe stress just trying to represent themselves in a really bad situation?

  4. Richard says:

    Good story, but in future, please be more careful with your headlines.
    I read this as Lawyer, disbarred over falsified tax returns, to get financial aid.
    Less ambiguous would be: Lawyer falsifies tax returns to get financial aid, gets disbarred
    Or: Lawyer disbarred for scamming financial aid using falsified tax returns.
    Once the article starts, though, it’s a fascinating story.

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