Well, since he puts it this way….

And more emails from him here:

I wonder how accurate this information is:

And here’s his linked in profile.

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  1. Charles Platt says:

    Is this the guy who is licensed to practice law in the state of New York? I’m confused.

  2. senpai71 says:

    Marc Marc Marc,

    Why would you mess with the Irish?

    Actually, I really liked this bit from “David Blade III”:

    “I attended college with the administrator of this website. We are on a first name basis and regularly converse.

    Our big disagreement is this website – He tells me that he is doing nothing wrong and the client’s pictures should stay up forever.
    I tell him in response that he should be ashamed and should remove all of them.

    In response, as a compromise, I’ve agreed to pay to advertise here in order to assist people who are at the point of hiring someone to have their pictures.”

    Yeah, when I am friends with someone and I fundamentally disagree with what they’re doing, my first thought is to pay them so I can make money from the people to whom they are doing the unethical things that made me disagree with them in the first place.

    also this:

    “My work is pro bono, at a reduced fee, and is comparatively inexpensive.”

    Well is it pro bono, or is it at a reduced rate? I mean, obviously it’s inexpensive to call up your old college buddy and say “Take down this photo – they’ve paid me and now I can afford to advertise some more on your website…

    • Charles Platt says:

      If you guys get into a law suit and there is discovery, does this mean the “hey cocksucker” email may be read out in court? If so, please let me know of any hearing date. Or is this whole thing, like, a joke? It’s hard to imagine that the “hey cocksucker” email was written seriously. In fact, I can’t imagine it.

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  4. Stephen says:

    Careful, Marc, you’re clearly dealing with professionals here.

  5. Seth says:


    How bad do you want to hurt him? I have a fairly thorough dox that’s ready to post:

    -The 15 or so additional domains he owns
    -Alternate screen names
    -Other email addresses he uses
    -The MySpace page he used to promote his porn career and gay for pay livecam business
    -Live Journal from when he was 19 (he’s 28 now)
    -Home address, phone number, pictures of his house
    -7 or 8 face pictures (there are a half dozen or so pictures of his penis online as well. I didn’t save those.)

    This may be hard to believe, but he’s an even bigger douchebag than you probably realize.

    Feel free to waste your time scrubbing. I’ve got screen caps. Believe me when I say, you NEED to give this game up. You’re not smart enough to win. You haven’t yet, and you’re not going to this time either.

    • senpai71 says:

      Jesus Seth, remind me not to piss you off.

      Also, note to self: Remove penis pictures from web.

    • I prefer not to be involved in the Doxxing. I’m going after him by using the tools available to me as an attorney. What anyone else does to him is not my concern. I love what you guys are doing, and I cheer for it. But, I do not feel comfortable, ethically, being a participant in it. I hope you understand. I would not want my ability to sue the guy to be compromised by my participation in a project that doesn’t need me.

      That said, please feel free to send me any materials that you think would be helpful, and which (to the best of your knowledge) were lawfully obtained.

  6. Waldo says:

    Good stuff here. Speaking as a lawyer myself, you are a credit to the bar Mr. Randazza to go after this slime. Unfortunately, after perusing his site and reading his emails to you, it’s apparent he’s small time, and I question whether he’s got any collectible assets to go after.

  7. Seth, I don’t want to hurt him that bad — I just want to help his victims bankrupt him, and I want to expose the lawyer behind the “David Blade” persona (if he exists).

    • Seth says:

      Oh I feel the exact same way, I was only making a reference to your previous post. I sent you an email.

  8. Oh, more reasons why I’m now 100% sure its Craig and his friend Chance Trahan, who are running the is anybody down and the takedown lawyer site.

    Its not only the same registration, but they are on the same webserver: a deliberately overseas, takedown resistant hosting company. Also on this webserver is another site of theirs ( which is in a similar vein and “the Takedown Lawyer” also claims success with.

    So this is “deeply gray” hosting: it would be impossible to take this down with hosting provider complaints. I was almost ready to go F@#)(* this at this point, especially when their “looking for investors” claim on the is anybody down page said they were romanian, when I realized something.

    The other “sponsor” of the is anybody down site was “”, which is Chance Trahan’s one man band. If the “lawyer” is part of the scheme, would Trahan be? After all, there were no other advertisements.

    But it gets better, the site is ALSO hosted on the same server as all the other sites… Ooops… Now why would a 100% legit, real site use the same expensive gray hosting?

    This was enough to start googling, which got Chance Trahan’s linkedin profile. And two separate public “we are seeking investors” sites which linked to both Craig Brittain and Chance Trahan. This also got us Craig’s linkedin profile.

    The linkedin profiles for both also self reference, as working with each other on a legitimit-ish web site/SEO company that Brittain founded.

    So yes indeed, its these two braniacs responsible for is anybody down, takedownlawyer, etc. is Craig Brittain (#1), located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Chance Trahan (#2), located in Tempe Arizona.

    We even have Chance’s “day job”…

    (which is, yet again, hosted on the same server as isanybodydown….)

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  10. Eric T. says:

    Priceless. Especially the part about “We never did anything to anybody.”

    If I didn’t know you I’d think you made the whole thing up. Watching scum explode is truly entertaining.

  11. Joe Pullen says:

    @Seth – great stuff – let Marc know if you are OK info sharing with me – I’m trying to track down David Blade. Some of your info could help.

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  13. Artist in the hood says:

    I wonder if all this Paypal income is being reported to the IRS…

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  15. Ancel De Lambert says:

    Suddenly I’m ashamed to be irish. Where does this guy live again? I feel the need to introduce a shillelagh to his ear at high velocity.

  16. Alex Ander says:

    Besides the fact that rule NY Ethics Rule 7.1(h) would absolutely apply to an attorney offering mediation services who holds themselves out as an attorney, NYS UCS’s office of ADR programs has a rule that would preclude using a pseudonym in advertising, as well as his quotation of statistcs:

    A mediator shall be truthful and not misleading when advertising, soliciting or otherwise
    communicating his or her qualifications, experience, and range of available professional services.
    1. Communications, including business cards, letter heads, or computer based
    communications, should not include any statistical settlement data or any promises as
    to outcome.

    I, on the other hand, will be using a pseudonym, because I can.

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  19. Cephas Australoscepticus says:

    He’s a bit of a potty mouth, isn’t he? I mean, I kinda figured he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed after his first response to Marc, but that’s the same keyboard he probably uses to tell his dear ol’ Ma how well he’s doing as a fancy lawyer! I’m shocked, shocked.

    And just for the record Marc, I’m so glad your, er, “greasy fucking wop ass” is on the side of Goodness and Niceness (as Don Adams used to say). YOUR dear ol’ ma must be pretty damn proud. I know I am, and I hardly know you.

  20. annonymoosee says:

    Well old Craig is trying to erase his greasy little footprints. Continued attempts to “blank” the Wiki page – Wiki has now banned his IP address. Deleting Twitter accounts, Facebook and other accounts being memory holed. Little do Craig and Chance know they has left evidence all over the place. You just can’t fix stupid.

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