Mountain Dew Fails at the Internet

By J. DeVoy


Whether out of naivete or ignorance, dozens of individuals and companies fail to appreciate the Internet’s true nature when engaging their latest crusade or promotion.  Our latest victim is Mountain Dew, the popular(?) soda.


Mountain Dew attempted, as young goateed-types often suggest, to “crowdsource” the name of its new flavor of green-apple flavored soda and invite the democratic selection of this new drink’s moniker.  What it got was /b/.

Among the top proposed names were “Gushing Granny” and, accurately, “Diabeetus.”  (source.)  At the time the contest was ended due to the bizarre, anti-semitic and commercially unpalatable nature of proposed names, the top contender appeared to be “Hilter did nothing wrong.” (source.)  Other suggestions included “Soda” and “Sierra Mist”. (source.)

The internet’s shenanigans against Mountain Dew escalated further, from overwhelming its online voting contest to hacking the site itself. “In addition to simply bombarding the poll with hilariously unusable names, the pranksters even went so far as to hack into the site, adding a banner that read ‘Mtn Dew salutes the Israeli Mossad for demolishing 3 towers on 9/11!’ and a pop-up message that resulted in an unwanted RickRolling.” (source.)

Readers may be familiar with Mountain Dew as the brand of soda responsible for its own species of horrible dental problems.  In order to distance itself from this controversy, Mountain Dew recently rebranded itself as “Mtn Dew” in an act of obvious pandering to its core purchasing demographic.  So, weighing in Mountain Dew’s favor, the brand’s owners should be adjusted to this kind of public ridicule.


One Response to Mountain Dew Fails at the Internet

  1. jdgalt says:

    Gee, I thought the name change was because Grandpa Jones brought an infringement case. :D


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