CNN Article trying to teach First Amendment Law through the Chick-Fil-A dustup

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19 Responses to CNN Article trying to teach First Amendment Law through the Chick-Fil-A dustup

  1. blueollie says:

    Nice article! I shared in on facebook.

    I have to admit that I missed reading “asshats” and other words…but you managed to slip in a “tough guy’ paragraph into your article. :)

  2. Todd Erickson says:

    Strangely, attempting to have this argument on facebook precisely resulted in “If that’s so, then they’ll have adult bookstores everywhere!”

  3. Pretending publicly traded companies have the same rights as individuals is a horrible fiction we’ve fallen into. I am waiting for someone to successfully marry a company.

    Seriously, I agree with the idea that the government shouldn’t interfere with corporations unless there is a compelling interest to society for them to do so, but to pretend a corporation should be afforded the same rights as a person is plain stupid until we start dolling out the same punishments.

    Regardless of what Mitt says, corporations are not people, my friend.

  4. Further, I’ll take a bullet for someone’s right to say the stupidest shit. Don’t expect me to extend this same consideration to Chick-Fil-A.

    In the end it comes down to whether Cathy is an agent of his company or acting on his own. If he’s on his own his company needs to jettison the bigoted fuck. If he’s acting as an agent of the company I don’t see why governments need to allow companies with a known track record of illegal discrimination to set up shop.

    I’m not a lawyer, and maybe I am too emotionally invested in this issue, but I didn’t serve in the military to defend a company’s right to sell a tasty sandwich. I did serve so asshats can spout the dumbest shit imaginable. This is what makes us better than the other guy.

    If 10% of Chick-Fil-A profits went to support the Taliban and al-Qaeda we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Maybe we still should be, but I can’t imagine a city allowing “Achmed’s Falafel Stand” if the guy owning it was as bigoted as Cathy is.

    • Well, it is unlikely the will get rid of him. a) he’s the son of the owner, and b) they just had their best day of sales in the history of ever.

      And Chicago has allowed at LEAST one such restaurant to open in the city – it’s owned by the Nation of Islam…

      The Mayor of Boston sold – at pennies on the dollar – city property to a group that is directly linked to the branch of Islam that thinks that gays should be KILLED…

      Cathy does not think gays should be killed. He doesn’t support gay marriage, and maybe he even thinks homosexuality is a sin… I fail to grasp how that equates to “hate”…

      • MikeZ says:

        I’m sure they did just have their best day of sales, However I’d also guess that one excellent day will not make up for the overall decline in sales long term.

        Who eats fast food? Young People. 61% of fast food consumed by those under 27 (from admittedly the first survey I found: Who supports gay marriage? Again young people. So likely Dan just annoyed the majority of his customer base here.

        Regardless of any one day show of support most of us older folks just don’t eat as much nasty fast food anymore. Not only is is usually pretty bad, it defeats the purpose of that cholesterol pill I take every morning. Mr Cathy really is a fucking idiot for pissing on his customer base. If this were a public company he already would be out on his ass. As the owners son he’ll get a pass, makes me feel sortof bad for all the independent franchise owners here.

        • Unlikely. This “Chik-Fil-A doesn’t like gay marriage” issue has been around for many months. It isn’t new, and only the amazingly dense were surprised by Cathy’s position.

          I’ve yet to see any sort of evidence that even a significant minority – let alone a majority – or CFA customers have been turned off by this.

          • MikeZ says:

            What is new is that the media took the story and ran with it. I would disagree that anybody even thought about Cathy’s position prior to recent months. Heck I would guess most of his customers hadn’t even heard his name? Off the top of your head can you tell me the name of the Wendy’s CEO? Dave’s been dead for quite some time now.

            As for sales evidence only time will tell. No evidence would exist. So until then I think your best bet is going with the studies that show a majority of americans now support gay marriage, this support increases inversely with age. Further the majority of fast food is eaten by the young. So maybe his sandwiches are that good that this will be overlooked, I’m doubtful though.

  5. I looked into Chick-Fil-A a biy more and found out it isn’t a publicly traded company, so in this case most of my arguments are invalid. If people want to eat at “Racist Bob’s Tacos” because they don’t mind racism as long as they get a good taco, then I guess more power to them.

    I still find it a bit disgusting that what he’s doing reflects poorly on every employee. He might as well require jackboots to be part of the official uniform.

    • “He might as well require jackboots to be part of the official uniform.”

      Because he doesn’t support Gay Marriage?


      What fucking color is the sky on the planet you’re from???

      • Not because he doesn’t support gay marriage, but because he actively campaigns against it, donates money and food to groups that and says stupid shit.

        Through its charitable arm, WinShape, Chick-fil-A donated millions of dollars to organizations such as the Family Research Council, which is listed as an anti-gay “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In addition, WinShape has supported Exodus International, an umbrella ministry that supports controversial “ex-gay” legislation, and Alliance Defense Fund, a legal organization that calls protections for LGBT people the “principal threat to your religious freedom.” It has also donated to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, an organization that has allegedly “freed” people from homosexuality and has condemned the “impure lifestyle” of homosexuality. cite

        I would tend to think those contributing to hate groups are more likely to enjoy wearing jackboots, but you could be right. Maybe I overstepped myself. How will Cathy ever recover from my remarks? Such persecution!

        • Oh, well, if the SPLC says they are a hate group, it must ge true…

          I guess you think the Tea Party is a hate group as well?

          I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – not agreeing with Gay Marriage is not the same thing as hating gays.

          If you weren’t fucking retarded, you would understand that.

          • I’m willing to concede that the SPLC isn’t the divine word of Gog or Magog. I didn’t even cite them, let alone cite them as the definitive source of all knowledge. I pointed to Media Matters as where I was getting my information (they cited the SPLC). I assume you are pulling your argument out of your ample ass. I’m fine with informed disagreements, but you’re resorting to personal attacks without refutation, then setting up straw man arguments my 13 year old niece could punch holes in (she’s a badass).

            Seriously, if you had any rhetorical skills at all you would have pointed out that once someone compares someone to Hitler it’s usually the losing end of an argument, but instead you went for cliché (color of sky) and stupid offense (retard). Way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. You’ve already lost this argument, but you are too ignorant to realize it.

            Calling you ignorant isn’t a personal attack. I’m sorry there is social stigma attached to this word. There should be no shame here. It’s just what you are. There’s probably not a lot you’ll do about it even though you could! You can’t just shower and wash ignorance off, but on the bright side ignorance is curable. I doubt you’ll take the steps necessary to address your condition, but my first suggestion would be to get a library card and use it. Come back if you need more suggestions.

            Personally, I don’t mind being called ignorant. I often am. I’m open minded enough to know sometimes I don’t have enough information to have a valid opinion. I’m often wrong. This is why informing someone of why they are an idiot, presenting evidence, and backing up your argument with pesky facts, is generally more productive that questioning the color of the sky in their world and calling them a retard (but hey, whatever works for you!). I gave a citation. It might not be the best, but even a shitty citation beats the fuck out of what you’ve offered.

            Lastly, I love the idea of the Tea Party. I wanted to be on the front lines with those guys. I believe government is too big. I believe regulation of business and individuals is too strict. I believe taxes are too high and disproportionate. I’d be joining the Tea Party, but look at their rallies. I might not classify them as a hate group, but I for sure as fuck wouldn’t put them down as a group Nelson Mandela or the Dalai Lama are likely to join anytime soon. I wouldn’t be caught dead at one of their rallies, but that’s mostly because I generally like to surround myself with people smarter than me.

            Sadly, I have to ask how often you’ve been caught masturbating to photos of Michelle Malkin. I’ll totally stick up for you! There’s no way it can really be as many times a day as I’ve read, right? Let me know if it’s more or less than what people are saying. I hate being ignorant.

            See? Now that’s a personal attack.

            I also apologize for my comment about the size of your ass. I have no way to know how ample it is. I was just assuming it’s large enough to hold your head. You are perfectly welcome to offer photographic evidence to the contrary, but then we’ll need an affidavit you don’t own a copy of Photoshop and a notary public to affirm the size on your pea.

          • MikeZ says:

            “I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – not agreeing with Gay Marriage is not the same thing as hating gays.”

            But is it really? You can say this all you want but you can also say the sky is green and the sun is blue. It doesn’t make it a true statement. The only argument I’ve ever seen proposed against gay marriage is “Gays make bad parents”. First this would be a completely separate issue you don’t need children to be married, and second all legitimate studies have shown this to be a false assumption. So really what reason is there to be anti gay marriage? Seems like either you’d either hate them, or just enjoy being a dick.

            • I absolutely assure you that it isn’t the same thing.

              I don’t support gay marriage, and I’m attacked by Brooks Bayne (nut job he and the lot of his crew may be) as “pro-queer”.

              I railed quite profanely against Redstate and more specifically it’s masters for banning GOProud from taking an official part in CPAC.

              I have several dear friends that are, as one might say, as gay as the day is long.

              I have never – not once – made the fucking STUPID claim that “gays make bad parents”. Not once. I’m not fond of most STRAIGHT parents, granted, so while I might think gays won’t be good at it either, it is based solely on my low opinion of humanity, and not on what gender they like to screw.

              And really, I’m not even ANTI gay marriage. I just don’t support it, and if it came to a vote in IL, I would most likely not even cast a vote for either side – I would skip that item on the ballot.

              The only thing that even remotely makes me ANTI gay marriage are a very large part of the pro gay marriage bloc.

              I don’t tend to vote in ways that help people who call me a bigot.

  6. “When I mention that it’s people who support gay marriage that most make me reject the idea?

    I’m talking about people like you…”

    Yeah, I’m sure you’d be a bastion of enlightenment if only I weren’t a supporter of gay marriage. You’re entitled to form your own opinions on an issue. You don’t have to wait to find out what other people think just so you can go your own way.

    You’re also making a stupid assumption. I don’t think I’ve ever stated I’m in favor of gay marriage. I’m just against discrimination.

    Marriage in general is idiotic in my opinion. I see little reason gay people should be denied the right to make the same mistakes as straight people.

    I honestly don’t give two figs about gay marriage. If two gay people want to get married it doesn’t matter one whit to me. I generally don’t give a fuck what other people do as long as they extend me the same courtesy. I’d feel hypocritical if I asked to be left alone to do whatever the hell I wanted, but then was unable to grant this same right to others. You can marry a chair and two women if you can find a chair and two women that are into that. I don’t care. This is between your God and the people involved. Well, and a chair.

    If it’s between consenting adults I see no reason to get involved. It’s when someone can’t shut their yap and actively seeks to dictate how others live that I lose my shit. Cathy is a bigoted prude and will probably get caught taking too wide of a stance in a public bathroom someday.

  7. MikeZ says:

    “The only thing that even remotely makes me ANTI gay marriage are a very large part of the pro gay marriage bloc.”

    On the one hand you absolutely assure me your reason for not supporting Gay Marriage is not hate. However when you get to your reason it looks like it is spite that drives you. I assure you those emotions are really almost the same thing.

    I’m with Christopher above, I could care less about the personal lives of people that are not me. I’ll stay the fuck out of their bedroom if they stay out of mine. Personally I think the whole idea of government recognized marriage is stupid, but since that recognition is tied up with the rest of our legal system it would be hypocritical to give extra benefits to straight couples and not to gay couples.

    Personally though, I’ve been happily not-married to my spouse for 20 years. I enjoy far more tax benefits by not being married to her than I would if I were married to her. If gay couples want to get married and start paying more in taxes, seems like the government could use the money.

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